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Restaurant review

It is imperative to have information about a specific product, good or service, before consuming it. The best source of information about such a product is through conducting research, either by interviewing or by reading other relevant and official reviews. Most probably, some of the reviews are conducted out of hate or attitude. However, some still contain a sense of reliability. In this case, the subject restaurant is situated in Fremont. It is one thing to be in such a market position for tea papa restaurant. However, it is another thing to present the entire society with whatever they deem essential to complete their utility levels. Different restaurants offer different services. Therefore, it depends on one’s demand or expectations that a review gets made. The Tea papa restaurant is the restaurant under analysis in this essay. The entirety of a restaurant depends on myriad factors. Some are inherent, and others are actively involved in determining the success of the restaurant. Actual services are enlisted in the restaurant’s menu and profile. However, the efficiency of the restaurant depend on the restaurants endeavors and interrelations with the clients in the history of operation.  Therefore, this paper relies on and depicts information about the restaurant in the capacity the internal and external environment.

The tea papa restaurant is one of the many restaurants in Fremont, United states. It is ranked number 73 out of all Fremont restaurants with regards to the products it sells, and the reviews made (“Tea Papa Dining Experience – Tea Papa.”  9). It operates on products as suggested by the restaurant’s name. That is; tea papa. It deals with fast drinks and other fast foods and deliquesces. Firstly, tea product is well produced and served at the restaurant. Thus, there are different varieties of tea products offered at the restaurant. Each of the tea brands gets served in different dimensions and method. First, plum green tea with grass jelly is one of the best brand of tea. In fact, the waiters and waitresses will always recommend that a client takes this brand of tea. The tea if flavored and sweet beyond anyone’s expectations.

Another brand of tea offered at the restaurant is Jasmin milk tea. The tea brand is refreshing as well. It is made in quite a different way from the way other related restaurants make it. It is also served in plenty to the customer’s requests. Most of the times, the tea gets served with fried octopus and sweet butter toast. Most of the foods that get offered in the restaurant are Chinese foods. The restaurant is, therefore, culture oriented. Most clients tend to rate the restaurant well. However, one of the weaknesses is that it is slow in service delivery due to the disintegrated menu pieces offered for every request made in the restaurant. It is completely recommended that people interested in foodies, local culture outings and student outings can choose the venue.

The restaurant is reputable for serving delicious foods. The menu is classic. It is dominated by drinks though there are some specimen of deserts and combo meals. The customers are free to move in and out of the restaurant with respect to the favorite foods and drinks they intend to consume. The restaurant’s space can effectively handle small parties due to the space allocated. However, it is not feasible for the restaurant to harbor large parties. It is located within a multi-set building hence such space needed is not affordable. To be precise, the restaurant is located within a plaza.

Some of the clients who have been to the restaurant for a long time or frequent times have described the place to be quite expensive. The prices of the dishes and drinks offered in the restaurant are a multiplication of other prices of related prices. This is one of the discouraging factors. Foods are well prepared and served. However, the hiked prices sometimes create a situation of contest where customers fail to visit the place for drinks or meals. However, the attractive element that keeps the clients coming is the fact that the service is impressive, and the environment within the restaurant is remarkable.

There is one thing that is worth discussing in regards to the restaurant. The dress codes and the ever presence of the customer service personnel. They are just presentable besides the fact that the goods are not desirable to those who dispute the goodness of Asian dishes. One of the issues that cause this restaurant to lose market is the voluminous cups used to serve clients. The large sized cups are not decent enough, especially in circumstances where being presentable is an issue. Ideally, some of the classy customers would not love to be part of the environment any longer. They despise the level of service as well as the foods that the restaurant offers. Ideally, some of these comments could get termed as biased as only a few visitors to the restaurant fail to recommend the restaurant.

In a nutshell, some of the vital aspects that the restaurant could get assessed include the type of services offered, food varieties and suitability of the venue. The restaurant has a history that is easy to follow. Accordingly, most of the product that the workers and the customers get used to seeing for the last years of service include the drinks and fast foods and deserts. Its reputation is mainly based on the types of tea drinks offered. However, the mode of service remains questionable. In the recent times, the restaurant has been under a transitional process to create a better service environment for the potential clients.

First, the restaurant’s management facilitated the updating of the menu. The items are now realistic and organized. In fact, the outline is extraordinary and easy to follow. The photos used to advertize the products are all available in the restaurant. There is the probability that the current times offer chances for anyone to access what he or she demands at any time of the day. An example of the dominant product, drinks, milk is prepared in a very sweet mode. It is generally likable with reference to the demand in the Fremont region. To be precise, the menu comprises of meals and shaved ice, which are the favorite meals of the town residents and visitors.

One dominant aspect about the restaurant is that it does not bother alliterating the Asian meals. Instead, an improved and more detailed portfolio of these foods is what the restaurant keeps in the market. For instance, the delicious Taiwanese foods form the top list of the menu for the restaurant. The services get accomplished by a very clean and attentive group of workers. Of course, clean workers get related to clean and admirable services. The environment in the restaurant has never stopped to be cultural in all aspects of service and food production. There might be positive and negative commentaries made with regard to the kind of foods and services made at the restaurant. However, the restaurant distinguishes itself from the poor structures and management of other restaurants in Fremont.

The restaurant is situated in a complex position. However, it is reputed for the Taiwanese foods, as well as, snacks made. The best word to use for the foods, if one considers such foods to be favorite, is delicious. In addition, the fast foods and snacks get served on a wait or take-away basis. The food menu is more impressive than it has been in the recent past.

Other foods that make the restaurants outstanding position in the refreshment and food industry include beef wraps, Kaya toast, popcorn chicken and sweet potato pancakes. Each of the food bears an outstanding and speculative quality that is completely different from many other restaurants in the region. The fact that it does issue foods that suit a different culture makes it more outstanding.

In overall proposition, the experience of having to know the suitability of the Tea Papa restaurant is very enlightening. Most of the views about the restaurant are affirmative. The only demoting issues revolve around attitude towards the kinds of meals offered. However, the entire workers’ groups in the restaurant can get commended for a presentable job done. That is; they have really upgraded the restaurant. It is now capable of hosting more decent parties and meeting in the midst of time without having to make prior notices on addition of the menu. The menu is packed to the niche and is actual.   

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