Log in to your account if you have one. If not, click on register and follow the steps given. Ensure that you use an authentic email address, otherwise the order will not go through. Once you are in, you can create an order by clicking on the tab ‘ORDER NOW’ or click on ‘PLACE ORDER’ which is on the third row on the left hand side of the page. You can also place an order from the Homepage by clicking on the tab labeled ‘PLACE AN ORDER’ and follow the laid down instructions.
You can only make payment for our services using PayPal. Once you have added all the necessary instructions to your paper, you will need to ‘CHECKOUT’ the orders. The order will remain as a draft until payments are done; it is only the Client and the Admin who can see such an order. Once you make the payment, the paper is assigned to the most proficient writer in the field chosen and he/she starts working on the paper immediately. We have settled on Paypal as our only means of payment as it is the safest means of making online payment. We have also secured our company and installed a secure web portal to ensure that you are safe with us. As you can see, we are under a secure line (https://www.getperfectessays.com). We have done so in order to make our site as safe as possible for our clients.
Once the writer hands in the paper, it is marked ‘Editing’ on the progress bar. This means that the support team is going through the paper to ensure that the paper is original. If all is well, the paper is marked as complete meaning that the client can download the paper and go through it. At this stage, the Client has two options, He can mark the paper as ‘Approved’, or Mark it as ‘Revision’. Approved means that one is satisfied with the work while ‘revision’ means that he wants the writer to make some changes. If you choose to click on Revision’, remember to add the revision instructions either as a word doc or a message.
We are a very strict when it comes to the issue of confidentiality. When placing an order, you are asked to provide some personal information. Please note that this information is only visible to the Admin. The writer and the support staff have no access to such information. Your Phone number will only be required if we have an urgent communication to make with regard to your order. On the same light, we request the client to cooperate to ensure that your privacy is maintained at all times. To do so, we ask you to refrain from handing out any personal information to any writer. Avoid sending either personal log in details to a writer, or even your resume that has your contacts or place of residence. It would be hard to protect you if you do. Also, the company does not allow any contact between the writer and the client outside the walls of our company. That is the only we can keep our cooperation in check. Any client who tries to do a deal outside the dictates of our company will be banned from using and accessing the site. Also, any writer who encourages or plays along to such a malicious deal will also be removed from our team.
getperfectessays.com is located in the United States of America and have two branches; one in Los Angeles and the other in Kentucky. We also have one branch in London in the U.K. and one in Sydney, Australia. We have been in operation since the year 1995. We have worked with thousands of clients from all over the world and boost of being the leader in this academic field. We offer our services to clients all over the world with the largest group comprising of clients from our region.
At getperfectessays.com, all the papers are worked on from scratch. Also, every client has a right to ask for a free plagiarism report for the paper that has been handed over to him/her. The client reserves the rights to all the papers and, therefore, remains as his property indefinitely.
All our academic papers come in line with the accepted academic format:
1-inch margins on all sides,
275 words per page,
formatted with 12 point Times New Roman/Arial font, double-spaced.
However, we are very flexible. If a client needs special formatting for his/her paper, we only ask them to include these requirements in the “Paper instructions” box on the order page.
1. Place an order with the correct deadlines to avoid delays and misunderstanding in a paper’s delivery time.
2. Ensure that you check your account occasionally (before the set deadline) to ensure that you are available just in case the writer needs some more input from the client.
3. Avoid disclosing your personal details to any writer. This is the only way we can guarantee the safely of your credentials and keep your information confidential.
4. Always report any writer who attempts to request for your personal information in any way possible.
5. Ensure you give all the instructions and files needed for a paper before the writer embarks on the Paper writing process or inform him/her of a pending file if there be one.
6. Please note that the writer is asked to decline a revision request based on amended instructions. In such a case, the client will need to place a new order.
7. Report any writer in case you feel that you are unfairly treated or you are not getting the best service that you have paid for.
8. In case you need help navigating the portal, do not hesitate to engage us either through mail, phone or via free chat that can be initiated at the bottom right side of the Homepage.
YES, we most certainly do. At getperfectessays.com ethics plays a very significant role in our day to day operations. We believe that you shouldn’t pay for what you never asked for. We also have a dispute department that ensures to resolve any issues in this regard. Never hesitate to place a complaint and if you have not been served well, you will get a refund.
There are three basic guidelines that are considered while setting the prices. They include the academic level, number of pages and the urgency of the paper. Please click on this link https://www.getperfectessays.com/our-prices/ which will give you a better breakdown on these variables. We understand that there are some companies that may claim to offer lower rates than getperfectessays. Please do not fall for that trap. Such companies will end up either giving you low quality papers or recycle past papers in order to recoup their cash. For instance, it would be hard to maintain professional writers on a low pay. Which is why we put this into consideration while computing the prices at the same time minding the pocket of our client. Our prices remain very competitive and fair in the market.
For one, we are very strict with our delivery time. We follow up with the writer to ensure that each and every order is delivered on time. This is proven by our 98% successful delivery ratings.We also request that the client keeps checking to see if the writer needs your assistance in any way to aid in faster delivery. We will also contact you by mail or via phone if you have provided your contacts. If your order is every late, please contact us immediately. You can do so via the messaging system on our site, via phone, or even the chat box on the bottom right side of the homepage. We will do our best to get to the bottom of the matter. Rest assured, we will not stop before you have gotten your paper.
The most important thing, DO NOT PANIC, we have you covered. Just go to the log in section and click on forgot password. You will be asked to provide your email address and a new password will be sent to your mail.