Paraphrase and edit on an email

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Paraphrase and edit on this email and please follow the instruction in the second attachment and most importantly don’t change the content. Just change the words in the email and some sentence so basically edit it and follow the instructions please.

Here Is the EMAIL :

To: All Staff
From: Sybil Montrose, Manager
Subject: New Internet and Email Usage Policy Attached
I am writing this message to you all today to remind you about the company’s policy regarding emails and internet usage, as well as use of company devices, such as computers. The policy for the office is attached to the bottom of this message for reference and review. Please read it, sign it, and return it to me by March 1st before noon with your signature.
The decision to revisit these policies came about after the IT team informed the management that our computers are at risk of viruses and slowed-down servers because of misuse related to personal activities. These are activities that have ignored the internet and use policy attached below and have led to personal use of the systems such as downloading movies and music and overuse of social media.
These practices are not allowed, and while the company has always allowed for some flexibility and been flexible with the policy with regard to personal emails, should the results continue to be detrimental to the servers and systems, we will have to revisit that leniency. Rather than limit internet and email usage, the management has decided that an understanding amongst all would be a better solution.
This is the reason the internet policy is being sent out today. As noted at the start of this message, please read this, and once you understand it, return it signed. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me in person, or by email as you need.
Thank You,
Sybil Montrose
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