SENG6250 System And Network Security

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These concepts should be explained using your own words.

You can use them to critically reflect on your own educational context.

You can then use them to critically consider the ethical and/or social implications of globalization for your professional practice.


Network Society: A Reflective study

Blog: This video is a lecture by Manual Castells about Network Society.

Stein Braten, a Norwegian sociologist and social psychologist, was the first to coin the term “network society”.

This study helped me realize that Network Society was used to describe a society that is powered by communication technology and network information.

The emergence of network society has been a result of the development of human technology that allowed us to convert the industrial age into the information era.

The network society is the term used to describe the social structure that makes use of networking in a large part of our age.

Castells has explained to us how the flow of communication is caused by the decentralized system nodes.

After watching the entire video, I realized how important each node was for the functioning and success of the system.

Castells stated that the network does not have equal importance.

I discovered that social networking information management was done using microelectronic communication technologies, such as mobile telephones and the Internet.

Castells claimed that the main reason for social networks’ efficient and high complexity management is their efficiency.

He pointed out that access to the social network has never been restricted for any specific group of people, and it has been available across the globe (except in the Global South).

He mentioned the 1997 Zapatistas case, in which a disenfranchised group of political activists used the network society to overthrow the old power structures.

They had used the internet to coordinate events and block government websites.

Castells informed us that Skype and other network communication tools can be used to speak to people in other countries.

He assured us of global network security and is optimistic about it.

Zygmunt Bauman, a sociologist, said that he was not certain about Castells’ ideas on Social networking.

Castells, which he referred to as the network society, is too idealistic in that it is not considered to be a context for the socio-political and economic problems.

Frank Webster argued that technology can’t be overemphasized in developing social relations and human communication for reshaping network and communications.

Nicolas Garnham argued that Castells are simply extending industrial capitalism to explain social networking.

I did however analyze Castells statements and the criticisms of other authors to discover the relationship among different technologies. In the end, I came to the conclusion Castells theory is essential for understanding globalization.

Information and communication are essential for developing a sense of technology for human operations. We can trust them.

For the future operations and functions, I realized the importance of the concepts of security and networking society.

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