SAP102 Welfare Systems And Services In Australia

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Demonstrate an extensive knowledge of a wide range of community services theories, frameworks and concepts.

Acquire a greater understanding of the legal framework that organisations and communities work within.

Demonstrate in-depth expertise in specialist counselling areas, including alcohol and other drug, youth and mental health.

Learn and use an understanding of diversity in human culture, including gender, age and ability.



The paper contains the words ‘aged and ‘elderly’ to indicate that people are over 65 years.

There are support options for people older than 55, such as different concessions offered to people with disabilities. This is provided by both the three tiers of government and many non-government sectors.

The Human Rights Organization of Australia estimates that aged Australians contribute approximately $39 billion annually to unpaid care (“Face the facts: Aged Australians

The Commonwealth has the primary responsibility for providing assistance and support to the aged.

This paper aims to examine the different aspects of Australia’s welfare laws relating to the elderly and to provide an analysis.


Social Welfare in Old Age

Social security, also known as social welfare, is a program where the Commonwealth Government of Australia makes payments to eligible recipients.

These supports are made by analysing the individual and their family to determine whether they are eligible for government support.

Aged care is a major component of the Australian social welfare system.

Aged Australians are important because of their contribution to the community.

Unfortunately, many aged people are put in social exclusion due to their negative attitudes.

As they often miss work deadlines and targets, they are called “frail,” slow, and too old.

This Act was passed to protect them from being treated unfairly for their older age.

This law was created to counter negative views about the aging process and its disadvantages.

An Overview of Aged Care Services in Australia

Many programs are offered by both government (all three levels: Commonwealth and State, local, and non-government (voluntary NGOs, community services, and NGOs) to provide aged Australians with care and support.

Support is most often given to those in the greatest need.

While the main criteria for awarding grants is their age, it has been decided that people below 55 years old have been supported and given assistance.

The policies related to “healthy ageing” and “ageing in place” have been considered recently. Accordingly, the aged should avoid visiting health facilities to maintain their mental and physical fitness (“New laws that will impact Australia”, 2018).

It helps the government avoid excessive costs on the aged and conforms with the wishes of most old people (“Caring For the Elderly” – An Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia, Parliament of Australia”, 2018).

Government Support

The following assistance is provided by the commonwealth government to seniors through programs or communities:

Pension for old age

Rent and payment assistance available for certain people with disabilities

Medical benefits

Housing facilities

Community care support

Acute care is available for the severely disabled and elderly.

Rehabilitation services

Legal assistance services

Services of counselling in the areas of finances and other.

Data from the Parliamentary documents show that the vast majority of the commonwealth funding has been given to the elderly, those above the age of 65 and people with severe old age or disabilities (“Caring For the Elderly” – An Overview of Aged Support and Services in Australia, Parliament of Australia”, 2018).

Australian territories and states provide a wide range services and support to seniors.

Many community services are provided by the old-age communities. These services are run by the states and territories along with the common funding.

Here are some of these services:

Transport assistance

Assisting individuals in the community as a caregiver/caregiver

Information services

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House help

Support system to deal with dementia-related issues

The Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care, run by the State, offers a broad range of support and service to the elderly (“Caring for the Elderly – an Overview of Aged Care Support and Services Australia – Parliament of Australia”), 2018.


Some services and supports are also provided by local governments to older people, and these services and support are backed up both by the Commonwealth of Australia and the State.

This includes:

Land management matters for the aged

Providers of home assistance

Clubs that are geared towards seniors

The local government tries to assist older people and makes sure they get the services and support they need. “Caring for the Elderly” – Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia, Parliament of Australia 2018, 2018.

Non-Government Assistance

The non-government sector, which includes NGOs and community homes, private hospitals, support organizations, residential aged care facilities and other support organizations, provides a wide range support and services for the aged.

Numerous charitable institutions are also involved in the cause.

About 20% of the costs of welfare services for the elderly are borne by non-governmental organizations (Australia’s Welfare 2001, Table of Contents – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare”, 2018, 2018).

Private profitable sectors also support the old, in particular for residential care and services related to health.

Carer is important

The person responsible to provide the best care for the aged is called the caregiver.

It is mainly made up of friends and relatives.

Carers ensure that the aged are provided with all the necessary support and benefits.

Many times, the caregiver receives very little funding or support from the government.

There are however, organizations such as the ‘Carer Australia’ which represents and advocates for unpaid carers. They try to influence government policies to support them (“About Us”).

2018 Carers Australia

Conclusions Based on Analysis and Assessment of The Topic:

The welfare service sector of Australia gives the elderly a prominent place.

The aged are supported, cared for and served by both the government and non-governmental organizations at different levels.

The carer role is no different when caring for family members, friends, and relatives who have old age issues such as dementia or arthritis. (2018) “New laws to affect Australia”

To better handle the issue, policies must be improved and implemented.

The Relevant Welfare Laws for The Aged

The following are important legislations which are vital for seniors:

1985 Home and Community Care Act

Act 1987 of Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Aged Care Act 1997

Principles of aged care

These statutes have been protecting and supporting the aged for many years.

They are responsible for ensuring that elderly people get the best care and support possible from the government.

It can be concluded that senior citizens of Australia are protected with laws that provide maximum support and care.

The Commonwealth, state, and local governments have all done an admirable job of implementing the facilities promised in the policies.

It is important to address the issues of neglecting carer, as this can have a significant impact on the older population.


Our Story

Carers Australia.

Australia’s welfare 2001. Table of contents – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

(2018). “Caring For the Elderly”: An Overview of Aged Care Support and Services for Australians – Parliament of Australia.

Facing the facts: Older Australians

Australia is being affected by new laws.

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