POLS1101 American Government

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Discuss the campaigns of the candidates running for Texas Senate.

(Republican Ted Cruz & Democrat Beto o’Rourke) Consider what you have learned about Texas politics.

The following three topics should be addressed in your paper

– Interest groups

Texas party politics, one-party state control



This essay offers a structural analysis and comparison of Texas laws and policies in relation to Ted Cruz’s campaign for Beto o’Rourke.

This context explains the current political landscape.

The news campaign showed that each winner of any Texas election held since 1994 was chosen for all practical purposes in Republican activities.

With the U.S. Senate election approaching, democratic excitement is high and republican anxiety about the election is growing.

Contrary to popular belief, republicans have made some significant strides in the direction of the country.

It is the midterm elections of the republican president that have led to some assumptions about Donald Trump’s influence on republican prospects.

This is why the rival is having difficulty getting attention for their headlines.


The 2018 United States Senate Election took place in Texas. It was also held in other states and the United States.

The incumbent republican Ted Cruz was seen as winning the election against the opposition candidate from a Democratic party.

Fernandez said that the media coverage about the candidate’s campaign has shown that there is a very tight race between incumbent Republican IU.S Ted Cruz and Beto O rourke, a rival from the Democratic wrong of U.S.

The election of both parties has drawn national and international attention.

It is because Cruz is a rising star in conservative politics at the national level (Pramuk).

The media campaigns clearly show that Cruz’s win has given more than just democratic hopes.

In this context, Cruz Texas’ win has shown that it is possible to bring back the long-term power of American politics after many decades.

Texas’ election results revealed key factors. These were Republican and Independent voters who voted to elect Mr O’Roureke. However, they also voted for the most prominent republican in other races.

Since 1995, no democratic party has won general elections in Texas for the state-wide office of the electoral board. This is evident from Ted Cruz’s win.

O Rourke was able to close the gap, despite Cruz being the initial leader according to the election results. The party was previously considered to be extremely competitive and Cruz won the election.

Rourke won almost 4 million votes in spite of losing. He broke the Clinton record of nearly 3.87 million in 2016, making him the highest-paid Democratic candidate in Texas’ history (Svitek & Abby).

Texas has always voted for Republican candidates in every election since 1990, whether it be presidential or senatorial.

Governor George Bush won the 1998 re-election election by 37 points more than his democratic opponent.

Bush won the Taxation senator race by 23 pints in 2003. This victory was almost a landslide. Bush also held the urban areas under control (Ramsey).

According to Golshan this has caused Democrats to start targeting Texas as the future swing state.

The fact that Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump in Texas in 2016’s U.S. presidential election is important to note.

The U.S. Senate race has been one of most watched races in America. Many are wondering if O’Rourke would be able to accomplish something no other Democrats could in Texas for more than two decades.

It is clear that Texas’s election result has offered a contradicting picture. Some favored Cruz while others favored O Rourke.

This political report has shifted the party from being leans republican towards moving up.

The Republican Party’s rise has been a remarkable story. It is a party that is constantly off its nose, despite its facade.

Texas, however, was always a minor prorepublican party within the panhandler. This included the German areas north of San Antonio.

It grew its power with the expanding suburban areas of Dallas, Houston and Houston.

Ramsey states that the two party process is mostly seen amongst Democrats. In this instance, it was split in between conventional Tory Moderates who wanted to defeat Franklin Roosevelt and the one who supported President Eisenhower in 1950 and liberal egalitarians.

However, LBJ was appointed vice president and a conservative liberalist was chosen for his replacement.

To ensure distinct voting, liberalists stayed at home and cast a vote against Democrat John Tower who they thought could easily overthrow them along the highway.

After the election, the situation changed again. In the year 1996, egalitarians began to leave the Democrat Party and the republican base of natives in suburban areas started to grow.

The current situation is that the republicans have held the government in power for 18 years, and the senatorial seats for 19 years.

It is possible to say that the liberal party has maintained its strength throughout the year and may be in a position to regain the majority economic position.

Ted Cruz might face a difficult trial for his support of the liberal republic Beto Olurke, as the state fluctuated strongly against Clinton’s (Tinsley).

The state also lives against the contradictory view that many expect are heavily urbanized so they could be more afflicted towards liberalists in suburban areas.

It was also noted that Rourke maintained larger crowds at certain rallies during his campaign for election. This is in addition to Mr Cruz, who included over 50,000 people who participated in the Rourke’s Austin performance that featured Willie Nelson as a music celebrity.

Trump took part in Houston’s Rourke election event that drew almost 19,000 people. This strengthened their belief that the republican group was very worried (Realclearpolitics, Election).

Officials of the party realized that Cruz’s campaign had humiliated Mr O’Rourke before the battle, and that it was relatively slow at gathering the fog.

Mr Cruz, who was a pro-taxation democrat and a foundational member of the party, made a savage trumping of Mr Rourke. This is despite the fact that he favoured liberal settlers more than the residents of America, who were then on the left of Bernie Sanders.

Cruz was able to show his connection with Trump throughout the campaign.

After Cruz lost his bid to become the Democrat nominee for the presidency in 2016, the U.S politician weakened Mr Trump’s ability to receive assistance.

Despite Mr Trump’s move and humiliation, he was keen to incorporate him into his future plans.

Cruz is back. For the leader made Cruz unattractive to several Texan residents and helped O’ Rourke to retain more votes from Democrats. However, they were not enough to alter the result (Texas election results).

It was evident that most voters believed that Rourke had been more generous than Texas because of many subjects, including border security, well-being care, and firearm privileges.

The mid-term was a time when the Texas democrats saw some hope for their relatively small boundary of conquest.

They saw progress in Mr Rourke’s achievement in getting support from Texas residents by directing the first tome electorates toward the polls.


According to the study, the election scenario was not an easy one. It had many conflicts.

The activities that took place during the election had a profound impact on the long-lasting, sustainable culture and identity that was previously under threat by the leftist party.

Study shows that Cruz was the conservative star of 2012 when he worked tirelessly to improve Texas’ political development and won the election to the Republican Party’s senate seat.

It was more a tea-party that was supported by the insurgent, whose gross root campaign was captured the national attention.

There is no doubt that Texas’ transformation into blue will be a challenging task for Democrats. This conservative state has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the country.

It is also clear that Rourke’s campaign contributed to an increase of more than $10million during the summer months.

But, Cruz’s victory could bring about a change in the state that most Republicans were not prepared for or worried about.

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