NIT5140 Information Security

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You should research any recent hack case that took place between 2012-2016 (e.g., JPMorgan Chase Hack Case (2015)). Prepare a report with the following questions.

* What was your problem?

* Who was affected and how?

* How was the attack conducted?

* What could be done to prevent this attack.


This report is based around the concept of computer security vulnerabilities.

Computer users often encounter computer security issues. These security breaches have an impact on privacy, security, and reliability of the information stored within a computer system.

Computer users have suffered many security breaches over the past three years. These security breaches are included in the list of top ten security violations of the year.

While there are many possible reasons for security breaches, the most common reason is the lack of effective implementation of privacy and security techniques and policies in different workplaces.

We will present a 2015 top security computer hack. This discussion will cover the basics such as how it happened, what caused it and potential solutions.

We have a T-Mobile case of sensitive data breach.

This security breach took place on September 15, 2015.

Many sensitive customer information from T-Mobile was stolen from Experian’s database server.

T-Mobile has a contract with Experian for processing its credit applications. Experian is the largest consumer credit monitoring agency in the world.

Experian discovered that the security data breach occurred and that data from approximately 15 million T-Mobile US Inc. customers was hacked.

Experian found that an unauthorized party attempted to access confidential and sensitive information stored on Experian’s servers.

This problem will be discussed in detail in the next segment. We will also discuss possible solutions.

What Was the Problem?

Experian’s network server was accessed unauthorisedly by a third-party.

Experian found that this third party had accessed personal information and information about consumers who applied for T-Mobile USA service.

Experian’s clients and consumers were not affected by this security breach.

Experian’s security was not guaranteed in this instance. Also, there wasn’t any evidence that T-Mobile information was misused inappropriately by an unauthorized party.

Once they discovered that there had been unauthorized access, Experian notified law enforcement and began an investigation.

CNET 2017, 2017. Continuous investigation revealed that there are some critical steps to be implemented.

Why has this problem occurred?

Experian has found that hacking is the main cause of all this.

Hackers stole personal information such as addresses and customer names of T-Mobile customers as well as sensitive identification numbers (such as passport number, driver’s licence, etc.) through hacking.

These vulnerable activities were carried out by hackers who accessed Experian’s server database.

This was all due to Experian’s insecure database and inappropriate security policies.

Experian Firm did not have a proper monitoring system.

Experian Company had to know every activity on the Experian Company’s database servers.

These are the main reasons data breaching occurred ( 2017, 2017).

What Are the Possible Solutions?

After analysing this entire security breach at T-Mobile Company, the following solutions were found by the company:

T-Mobile Company CEO, Timothy Pagliery, warned his customers through a blog post, tweet and frequently asked question that company is reviewing the issue and will be asking Experian for solid reasons.

The company’s top priority is the recovery of customer data that was lost in this security breach (Pagliery 2017).

Experian now uses ProtectMyID to protect identity and offers credit monitoring for customers who have been affected by this security incident (Yadron 2017).

Experian Company will provide fraud resolution services to help database servers with sensitive data.

Authorized access to the database will be made more difficult and different validation points will need to be applied.

Experian will ensure that T-Mobile’s sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

To maintain information security, and privacy, Experian will also implement security policy changes at the management level.

Security issues must be addressed by businesses.

T-Mobile’s security issues have had an influence on company performance.

This section of the report is about a web hack case.

This section aims to discuss hacking issues that are common and the major consequences.

This article will focus on the Anthem Company hacking case that took place in 2015.

This was a vulnerability case of security hackers.

This is the case we’ll be discussing in detail.

What Was the Problem?

Anthem’s February breach exposed 80 million records of employees and patients.

Anthem stated that employees and patients were exposed to personal information including name, address, social security numbers as well as email addresses. They also had information about employment and health care ID numbers.

Anthem Company says that this is because of improperly encrypted data. Millions of people have been hacked due to this.

Derusbi, which is a family malware used for vulnerable attacks and is used to hack by hackers, was used to carry out this hacking.

It was a major part of the Anthem attack (Network World 2017).

Who was affected and how?

Anthem was so vulnerable that it had the worst impact.

This attack resulted in millions of customers of Anthem Company having their data stored into a company database.

Hackers tried to access the personal information of victims through this attack.

The attack has also affected employees and customers of the company.

These people can be affected by this breach attack as their stolen confidential information could be misused to access their bank accounts, company account, and other purposes.

This could lead to financial or personal loss.

Anthem could have secured its database by encrypting it. This would have ensured that everything was protected.

Performance of the company has been affected by this huge issue.

How was the attack carried out?

Anthem’s security breach was carried out by hackers using a vulnerable version of malware, according to Anthem’s analysis.

As we know, Derusbi malware is the source of security breaches.

Derusbi backdoor could be used to send malicious commands and control.

It is hard to manage the effects of this type of malware attack.

What could have been done in order to prevent the attack from happening?

As we’ve already discussed, the malware attack was very vulnerable. It is therefore crucial that prevention efforts are solid.

Anthem Company’s security experts and developers are looking for new ways to stop this attack.

Anthem Company has responded by saying that they have learned many valuable lessons from this attack.

It is important to not just rely on security measures.

It is important to use threat intelligence platform that can recognize malware activity from multiple threat intelligence sources.

This knowledge and awareness can be used to make the right security decisions.

Identity management, network access control and encryption are other ways to protect against these vulnerable attacks.

These are all helpful in securing data.

It is also important to have an up-to-date antivirus installed. This will scan every entry into the system.

Anti-virus is a tool that can control the spread of viruses and malware.

Anti-virus is the best tool to protect your system. This includes installing security patches to your system and updating security solutions on a regular basis ( 2017, 2017).

Anthem Company’s security staff must take appropriate steps to avoid heavy loss for customers, clients, and employees.

The company’s management and technical professionals should be vigilant about the security of their systems and databases. They should also ensure that employees have strong login credentials so that no unauthorised person can access them.

Customers need to be aware of the security policies that are being implemented by company. This will allow them to safely enter their personal information into the company’s databases.

Anthem Company’s database should be encrypted using cryptography.

The risk of hacking or phishing attacks is reduced by cryptography. Data can be stored in system security, and data can also be shared over network (Nasr 2017).

Let us conclude that security breaches are on the rise. Therefore, security providers, developers, users and users have to be more aware of common security issues, protect their data and take preventative measures ( 2017).

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