MOD003325 Business Skills

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Imagine that you’re applying for internships at Leveret Hardware, as shown below.

A suitable C.V. should be prepared that can be used to apply for the internship. The employer will assess your C.V. on the basis of its contents.

This means that:

Your C.V. cannot exceed 2 sides A4 length

Grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors must be avoided

It is important to format the C.V. correctly

It is essential to include all relevant information

A covering letter is a letter you write to describe your job application. It will help employers determine whether you are a good candidate to interview you.

The following is what this means:

You must limit the length of your letter to 1 side of A4.

Grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors must not be made

It must be presented correctly as formal business correspondence

The letter must “sell” you as a great intern candidate.


This CV is for applying to the Leveret management internship program.

This CV is meant to be submitted to Leveret Hardware to apply for the internship program.

I am seeking a position as a management intern in a large organisation so that I can increase my knowledge, work experience, and competence while serving the company.


Currently, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Health Management.


Qualified in MS Word PowerPoint, Excel, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop

Short courses in networking and telecommunications


Participated in various programs relating to industrial visits, research analysis, and the like.

Participated in numerous inter-college competitions.

I would like to be considered for the Leveret Hardware Retailers management intern position.

I am currently in my 1st year of a B Sc (Hons), Business and Healthcare Management degree.

Leveret Hardware Retailers’ internship will enable me to better understand the policies, philosophies, procedures and processes of the hardware retailer. I will also gain insights into the critical operations and functions within several business units.

A number of university programs have granted me accreditation in communication and research.

As a working professional, I was also involved in the retailing activities of our cultural fest. This helped me gain an understanding of the retailing industry and its management.

So, I’m enrolled in the Leveret Hardware Retailers Management Internship to get a better understanding of how the retail business works and what it means for my career.

I am eager to work in a hardware business and gain insight into various operations. These include inventory order placement, inventory ordering, using fixtures and equipment, and analyzing customer service to determine the most efficient way to serve customers.

I would appreciate it if your resume and application were suitable for the internship program.

Thank you for taking the time to review my request to do a management internship with your organization.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Formal Explanations of The Feedbacks From The Customers

As a Mexicana Supreme Public Relations Advisor, I’d like to request your consideration regarding the various complaints and issues of customers at the Lewisham Branch.

All of these issues were identified in the review posted to the ‘Trip Adviser website with regard to Lewisham Branch.

The issues and complaints relate to several areas, which include the food, quality and service.

Customer complained that the food was not good quality. The customers stated that the food was greasy, smelled bad and tasted bland.

Their review stated that the food was very small compared to the cost.

Mexicana Supreme will not be their first choice for dining out again.

Customers have had few complaints about the quality of the food.

Customers complained about the dish’s indistinguishable flavors.

The prices for food and drinks were a frequent complaint.

They were not satisfied about the product’s quality, quantity, or the price.

Their comments indicate that there is a lot of work to do in order to improve the restaurant.

Customers complained about the rudeness and rigidity of the manager at the restaurant.

Customers complained that additional payment was made for products they had not ordered. When they raised their concerns, the manager shouted at them.

There have been problems with regular customers and the elderly.

They had previously stated that everything was fine, but things have changed.

They also said that the waitresses do not know much about the menu.

The owners and managers are not interested in the restaurant’s operation.

They don’t seem to care about the needs of the customers.

Mexican Supreme’s public relations advisor, I can offer some suggestions that will help the restaurant refine its services and amaze the customers once more.

Set up Control Teams and Conduct Strict Evalution

To improve and refine the services, the restaurant must appoint a team of control and conduct strict evaluations. This will allow for continuous monitoring of the service provided to customers and help with analysis (Hiebeler Kelly and Ketteman 2012).

Mexicana Supreme will be able support it in addressing the problems. They will also be able monitor the workers and waitresses.

Gathering direct feedback from customers

It is best to collect customer feedbacks directly. This will be the most strategic and appropriate way to do so.

It is possible to have a direct relationship with customers and communicate one-to one with them. This will reduce customer complaints and problems (Verma und Verma, 2013, Verma and Verma). This will improve Mexican Supreme’s sales and customer base (He Zha, Li, 2013).

Management Replacement

A well-rounded management team is crucial for ensuring that the organization has effective operations and functions.

Mexicana Supreme’s management team, as well as those at higher levels of authority, are negligent and have no regard for the issues at the restaurant.

They should therefore appoint a new restaurant manager who can solve problems, guide subordinates, and deal with customers (Cook (2012)

Part 1: Hindle T. 2002 Guide to Management Ideas.

London: Bloomberg

Hindle, 2002 states that the USP is a unique selling proposition (i.e.

The unique selling proposition (or USP) is a distinctive or unique advantage that an organization, product, or service offers that helps it to be more competitive in a highly competitive market.

It is essentially a characteristic that highlights the benefits and significance of a product or service to customers.

For companies with high levels of technological advancement, unique selling propositions are recommended to maximize their benefits.

Clear and powerful USPs help companies to build a customer base and increase revenues.

Theodore Levitt once said, “Differentiation” is one of most crucial strategic and tactical actions that companies must engage in. This quote is from the author. It is important to make use of USP (Levitt 2013).

The Social Media Industries.

New York, Routledge.

Social media refers to web-based technologies that allow for sharing and creating data, ideas, and other expressions through networks and virtual group.

The extensive use of mobile technology and desktop computers, including tablets computers and smartphones, has allowed for the creation of highly interactive platforms that allow individuals to interact with others and co-create, modify, share and discuss information or content posted online.

Social media is one the fastest-growing business industries. It connects individuals and businesses, which is making it one of the most important.

Bob Hutchins once said that social media isn’t about the platform.

It’s about people.

Therefore, it offers a wide range of diverse options (Hutchins (2015)

Part 3: Facebook is the main social media platform that makes use of the ideas and terminology found in the texts written by Albarran & Hindle.

It is this unique selling proposition that has made social media so popular.

It is one the most widely used and popular platforms for connecting with friends or individuals.

Facebook allows people to connect with other people around the globe and has opened up new opportunities for interaction.

People are becoming addicted to Facebook. This can be due to the fact they have seen such an immense social platform that allows them to connect with people for the first-time in their lives.

The insights from “The Social Media Industries.”

Facebook is also a popular social media platform that offers a lot of business opportunities.

Facebook is being used by both individuals and companies as a business platform and strategy.

They sell and buy products via advertising on Facebook.

Facebook will soon replace traditional marketing with a deeper approach. This will make it the most powerful social media platform to promote business growth and expansion, as well as personal interaction 2010.

Refer to

The Social Media Industries.

New York, Routledge.

Complaint Management Excellence – Creating customer loyalty via service recovery

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