MN503 Overview Of Internetworking

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Write a report on the following points:

Analyze and discuss the benefits of internetworking for your chosen business case.

With device specifications such as series, model, and features, you can develop hardware requirements for your network.

Netsim – Create an architectural internetworking design.


A network must be able increase the productivity of people and resources.

Cisco Systems can offer the best possible internetwork applications availability.

Network analysis has presented challenges that required a detailed analysis with both advantages and disadvantages.

Cisco connected “strategies to health and operation services” has been selected.

The report covers internetworking with Cisco hardware requirements.

It also shows how Netsim can be used to design architectural internetworking.

Analysis and Discussion of The Importance of Internetworking:

Cisco IOS has been the key to distinguishing the internetwork solutions provided by Cisco from those offered by other companies.

Its value-added insight has been supporting users and the application through the whole enterprise.

It has provided data integrity for internetwork and security.

The IOS has helped to control the costs of resources.

This was achieved by unifying and managing complex network intelligence.

It can also be used as a flexible vehicle to integrate new features, applications, and services into a network.

Interoperability has been the focus of Cisco IOS in support for the applications.

This was possible by using additional protocols that are both logical and physically based and standards-based.

It’s been more successful than any other internetwork supplier in the industry.

It started with the twisted pairs cables, then on to the optical fibers. LAN to campus, and then on to WAN. The huge range of protocols supported by Cisco IOS cannot be matched by any other network architecture.

The Project Scope

The scopes of the project deal with the expansion of internet technologies. The companies have not been searching for the fastest switch and the most powerful routers.

Instead, companies today want the best system that can run all of their network services.

They felt the need for network systems that could meet the demands of all employees, and the customers’ needs at any time [3].

Cisco is investing again in improving their networks, according to current trends.

The principal focus has been on investing wisely in a network.

The network will be able promote growth.

They will help Cisco stay ahead of changing business needs and provide competitive advantages.

John Chambers (CEO of Cisco) stated that no matter what position they have held, it did not matter.

The difficulty has been in creating the potential for growth.

Another problem has been the use of IT to change and enable Cisco’s business strategy.

You should do this with agility and flexibility.

Hardware requirements for Project Hardware:

RAM (free)

4 GB

CPU speed

3GHz and faster

20 GB

The following should also be taken into account.

Five routers of the 2600 series equipped with power cables.

Computers with Microsoft Windows Vista or XP2.

Two Cisco series 2950 switches.

Figure: Netsim Network Design

Netsim’s Benefits:

Netsim’s router, which includes the switch and other components for station simulation, is the best in the business.

Netsim allows you to customize the network-simulation drag and drop package by including simulations for routers, switches, PCs, and switches.

NetSim simulates both tables of routing protocols as well as tables of switching bridges [5].

This has allowed Cisco to design its own labs, and allow for exiting from other labs.

The custom topology could be used for every device.

The license version limits the number of commands that can be used to configure devices.

For example, the CCNA or CCENT custom topology could include 3550 switches [6].

Despite this limitation, commands for configuring a 3550 switch are only supported by NetSim for CCNP.

Cisco has worked hard to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Cisco has learned valuable lessons in economics from the past.

They have also learned how to balance their IT budget with the ever-changing requirements of customers and companies.

Cisco has prospered in the last decade and was able afford to allocate a significant portion of their IT budget.

They have altered their spending habits to acquire the components that are most important.

They have resisted the adoption of new technologies and up-gradation to equipment.

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