LAWJ 05285 Criminal Investigation

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You can research the law of your state, or one you know well about protective orders and find out who is and isn’t covered.

Make a recommendation to a state legislator for changes to the law. Provide solid arguments to back your recommendations.

Take a look at the following questions:

Do you think the order identifies the person who is under correctional supervision in general?

Does this change your suggestions for improving the law’s effectiveness?


California law provides protection for domestic violence cases.

Protective orders can be enforced for up to 3 years. In some cases, however, they may be extended to last for a longer period.

Protective law is used to protect the individual and the family they live with or are closely related to (Matsuda (2018)).

Family code section 6320 provides information about the bases for protective orders.

The court may issue an order of protection for the community in the cases of sexual harassment and hammering, arresting or bullying, as well as other cases.

People who have suffered domestic violence can use a variety of civil and criminal defenses to protect themselves from further violence.

It is not necessary that the abuser ceases to be a criminal, but it might give victims the option to call the police and have him detained.

Protective orders can sometimes be issued by courts, such as an emergency protection, protection order or restrictive order (De Stefano (2015)).

The police can order anyone to leave the home if they are confronted with domestic violence.

There are sometimes chances that the police will order the wrong person out of the house.

The standard emergency protection order lasts for three to seven working days. But, victims may request extensions.

The protection orders last for between three and five years. In some cases, it could be for a lifetime.

A protection order may also include restrictions on the abuser’s communication with victim via messaging, phone calls, and other means.

A protection order can include provisions such as a stay away provision, counseling provision, and a move out provision.

A court may issue a restraining or restraint order that prohibits the parties from doing something.

A party may request permission to ex parte (Wintemute Frattaroli Claire Vittes and Webster 2014).

The government has created various rules and regulations to protect the rights of the people.

The government should start programs and events that allow people to learn about their rights.


The rise and protection of labor in the gig-economy: On-demand, crowdwork and the rise of the “just-in-time” workforce.


In Words That Wound (pp.

Identifying armed respondents in domestic violence restraining order and recovering their firearms: Evaluation of a California initiative.

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