KIT717 Internet Of Things And Web Applications

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Consider the potential of IoT in your own home.

In your discussion, include any IoT systems you already own (eg smart TVs, smart phones, etc).

1. A report should have a clear layout and use concise language.

Use headings to help you organize your document into sections that are most useful for your readers.

2. Discuss current devices in your house.

3. Assess issues such as privacy, usage, control, connectivity and security.

These issues may be solved by potential solutions.

4.Include a diagram showing the layout of your dwelling. This can be as simple as a sketch. You don’t need to spend much time drawing a complete diagram of your house.

It is okay to be creative, such as only using one floor in a multistory house or adding fictitious bedrooms if you live alone. Use something that highlights the systems you are evaluating.


This assessment covers:

Be able to evaluate different architecture technologies in IoT.

Be able to describe and assess different applications of IoT.


The number of information technology applications in today’s digital world is on the rise. IoT devices have an important role to play in this process and in giving the ability to make it happen.

This report will focus on IoT devices within the home and their workings, as well as how they can help change the world.

To make this report easier to understand and connect with the real world, eleven devices were selected.

Internet is now an integral part in our daily lives. It allows us to automate the devices with greater efficiency.

IoT devices can be described as a combination information technology and internet access.

Many devices use wireless networking technology and internet to communicate between them and their users.

These devices can cause many problems in real life, from mental and health issues to privacy and security issues.

IoT Devices at Home

Curb Energy Monitor Device: This is a smart device that monitors the energy consumption of electrical appliances in the home.

This device can be attached to the circuit-breaker panel, where the electric meters and the rest of the electric collection supply are.

Real-time energy consumption monitoring can help to manage the power consumption and monitor how much electricity is being used (Dillahunt, Mankoff 2014).

A system is compatible with both an iOS and Android app. This allows the user to monitor his expanses from any location via internet access.

Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat is compatible to the Amazon Alexa voice command. This device helps to manage the room’s temperature based on many calculations such as weather conditions, energy, and more.

Automatically, the presence of an individual anywhere in the room reduces energy (Munoz (2016)

This device can be used with nearly every residential cooling or heating system. It provides a friendly nature that is integrated within the dwelling, and smartly saves power.

Sonos Wireless Speaker System – This device is composed of six amplifiers, six speaker drivers and a fine stereo pair to enhance music listening (Carlsson and al., 2016).

It’s a wireless speaker that allows you to play six different songs in six different rooms. Or, the same music can be played in all of them.

This device can also wirelessly stream music services, such as Pandoras, Prime Music Unlimited Spotify, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs. It is well-known that LEDs are a highly efficient product that saves energy. However, this device does more. It can alter the intensity of light according to the user’s command (Skelton (2015)).

The bulb can be controlled remotely. Timers can also be set to control the intensity and color of the light.

These devices can also be paired with existing SmartThings Systemor Nest System. A voice control (Amazon Alexa), including compatibility to the Google Assistant and Apple Homekit, has been added to the device for improved user-interface.

Amazon Echo: The Amazon Echo is one of the most intelligent IoT devices you can keep in your home. It is an automatic voice control speaker with Amazon Alexa, which allows you to control the device via voice (Jacobs (2015)).

The device includes many features such as the ability to play music, and reply to voice commands.

It can be used to call other echo device, speech out, and stream music.

SmartThings Systems: This system automates all home appliances, such as smartplugs, smartswitches cameras and sensors. (Mayer et. al., 2014).

This device is not just supported by one company, but many organizations contribute to these devices in improving their quality and providing them to consumers.

These devices also have the ability to monitor and control them through mobile apps, making them smarter.

BelkinWemo Switch – This smart IoT device allows you to control the switch through Wi-Fi using the mobile application.

It can be switched on or off depending on the user’s needs.

These features, and the device are incompatible with the Alexa or Nest Thermostat. They can also be used for voice control and automated system (Koshti&Williams, 2017).

“Away mode” is an innovative feature that allows you to manipulate any intruder. It also saves energy and helps secure your home.

Lutron Dimmer Switches for Lighting: This IoT device can also be used with Alexa. The switches can be replaced with those of other devices to adjust the intensity of the LED, halogen, and any other lighting elements in the home.

Voice control is all that’s required to adjust the intensity of the lighting (Hakkarainen & Kilo, 2017).

It can be used seamlessly with Apple homekits, Ecobees, Carrier cors, Amazon Alexa, Honeywell, and many other IoT devices.

Kwikset Z–Wave locks: This is a smart IoT product that allows for unlocking and locking doors via smartphones. The Alexa feature can also be used to control locks by voice control (Almomani & Maridakis (2016)).

These locks are simple to install inside doors and windows with screwdrivers and can close the door automatically in 30 seconds.

It can easily be integrated into the home security systems.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener – This smart IoT device smartly opens and closes your garage door. It can also be controlled via your Smartphone.

Additional options include the ability to receive push notifications and alerts directly on your smartphone (Parades 2016).

MQ Smartphone is compatible with Android, Apple and ipad.

It connects to the network via a Wi Fi hub.

Neato Botvac connected robot vacuum: This is a smart Vacuum that allows you to sweep the floor and collect dust without the need to do any additional work (Moshkina& Meyer, 2016).

You can use a mobile application to control the device and collect dust in one command.

Other Issues

IoT devices rely on networks such as Wi-Fi or Internet, which are highly susceptible to hacking and data breaches. To improve the device’s performance, strong networks in the area were essential.

This can only be achieved if there is a stronger communication network. Unfortunately, rural areas have a weaker network.

The user must also be able to clearly communicate with the device about the features and the direction it is capable of performing.

Control Questions

The IoT devices can only be controlled by the user who is logged into the account. This means that the device’s performance cannot be monitored (Botta and al. 2014).

While some devices allow for multiple users, others are limited.

As all data are stored in their database, parent companies can monitor and control the operation of the device.

The control of an electronic device can be affected by bugs and glitches.

Because these devices are automated, if they have glitches, it can cause problems with control.

Although there should be information exchange between user and device, the service provider is also collecting information about commands and other workings of the device (Abomhara & Koien (2014)).

These issues can lead to connectivity problems.

A second problem is that the network cannot be connected to the device if the weather is poor.

Cyberattacks and data breaches remain the top security concern in IoT devices.

The data is being collected via the cloud and other networks. Organizations are responsible for how it is secured (Sadegi, 2015).

Cyberattacks could cause the user to lose control of their device, or give controls to the hacker. This can lead to serious security problems.

Privacy issues are similar to security concerns, but the additional reason is that organizations collect data about consumers’ behavior to improve their Big Data.

This data is being collected without notifying consumers. It is an important privacy issue for both users and consumers.

Solutions for the Raised Issues

There are several solutions to the issues that IoT devices pose. First, a highly secure network must be used to connect the device with the internet and the database of the organization (Sicari et al. 2015).

To limit or stop an organization from collecting any type of data, laws should govern the use of devices.

Another way is for the user to review the manual and the description of the device prior to purchasing any IoT devices. This will allow them to verify that the organization is naming the type of data it is collecting (Da He & Li (2014)).

Cyber security should be top priority when designing secure devices and storing the data.

It will reduce the number of data breaches and intrusions.

According to the report, IoT devices can have two effects on the consumer.

The customer benefits by having automated solutions that make manual work much easier and more efficient. This makes it possible to transform simple living into more sophisticated living.

As the reality of how these devices are used in the real world, the issues that were mentioned can be referred to in the report.

These issues can be mitigated and personal data protected by taking certain precautions before purchasing the device or using it.

Big Data is an emerging technology. Consumers should be concerned about the data being collected by unauthorized organizations.

It is suggested that companies develop products that are protected from intruders and have proper security policies.

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