I9001 Cyber Security

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Microsoft Corporation has developed Active directory, a directory service for Windows domain network services. (Edger Jr. 2015).

It was developed by Microsoft. It operates on Microsoft Windows server platform, and Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft cloud platform.

Although it can’t be used to fully assimilate all versions of Windows operating system, it is still able to do so because Microsoft built and designed it using open standards (Hassan 2017).

The importance of Active Directory is crucial for the security of windows and performance improvement on various other operating systems.

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), a new feature that allows Windows servers to be securely hosted in both the cloud and on-premises, is what makes this possible (Li C. (2015)).

Active directory security can be described in terms of administrative security, account password security and group security, as well as domain controller security.

Active directory has provided reliable new features that have shown Microsoft cloud platform to be a right-hand tool (Babin R. & Halilovic B.

Privileged Access Management features (PAM) can help to mitigate security concerns in Active Security environments. This includes spear phishing techniques and bouts.

PAM is used to solicit administrative policies and configure Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).

Azure Active Directory Join is another feature. It allows for identity proficiency to be used in enterprise and commercial customer experiences. Personal devices can also be customized (Hassan N. A.

Active directory has also been able to obtain the Microsoft Passport feature for key based authentication organization for users. This feature is more than passwords.

It mostly depends on theft and phishproof badges.

File Replication Services, (FRS), has been saved from total dis-functioning and depreciating, windows 2003 operating system is currently not functional. Active Directory helped to raise the non-braced Windows Server to windows server 2008. This prevented domain controllers from being added to this environment.

Distributed File Service replication allows domain controllers to copy System Volume (SYSVOL), innards.

This has led to significant improvements in the ease of upgrading domain controllers for different versions of Windows operating system.

Although Window 10 securities are standard, cyber-attacks can not be ruled. Microsoft has not taken any chance to expose any loopholes in attacks, given the current advances in the hacking/penetration field (Hassan N. A.

These attacks can include spyware, viruses, worms, and adware.

Windows 10 includes the latest Microsoft defender antivirus software. This prevents malicious software from being able to infect other computers.

Microsoft Defender protects your windows against an attack through prevention, detection and then removal of the virus.

First, we will need to have a copy Windows Server available for download in order to conduct a lab activity about windows security.

We also need some visualization software.

Once we have all this information, we will open the visualization program and click on the ‘network’ option in the Virtual Box preferences.

Below is a screen shot of the VM as it will appear:

Next, click on the hot-only network tab. In the new network, give it an address scheme. Any IP address can be used.

You can now choose the VM you’ve created and modify the settings to use that network.

After creating the VM networks, it is now time to install the windows server.

Now we will install the domain control role.

We will now be able to access the active directory domain services from within the domain controller.

As you can see, active directory is important in system administration and security.

Effective implementation of the various models must be in line with system security policies to improve administration.

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