HRMT20024 Attracting And Retaining Staff

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This assessment requires that HR planning and recruiting in a particular area of the labour marketplace be discussed.

Your case study should be chosen from an industry or a specific organisation.

Identify the major challenges faced in recruiting and planning the workforce for this sector.

Refer to Weeks 1-5 for your report. You should also mention factors like the HR Strategies of the Sector, the HR Planning Challenges for the Sector (such as labour supply, demand, demographic issues, ageing workforces, diversity), and the Recruitment Strategies and Challenges for the Sector (such as how the sector recruits, sourcing from the internal or external labour market, employer branding, etc.

Create an argument that includes appropriate theoretical discussion, references, and arguments.

Cite at least ten relevant peer-reviewed journal article articles.

While you can cite books, conference papers, or book chapters, these are not included in the ten journal articles.


This report is used to identify HR planning needs and recruiters in Bakers Delight.

Bakers Delight has many different challenges in planning and recruiting its workforce.

To understand the challenges and solutions in this sector, it is important to have proper Human Resource Planning.

The report’s main purpose is to identify the various key challenges that Bakers Delight faces in planning and recruiting.

In order to decrease the labor supply and demand, as well as demographic issues like diversity and ageing workers, the company must use different HR planning strategies.

The report’s main purpose is to provide insight into the different strategies for recruitment as well as the challenges facing this sector.

The report structure should include proper frameworks or models. This will allow for identification of the issues in the recruitment and HR planning, as well as the demographic issues that affect Bakers Delight’s workforce.

The strategy related to recruitment must be implemented as it will assist in the importance of recruitment and HR planning.

Bakers Delight Key Challenges for Planning and Recruiting the Workforce

Bakers Delight (Kazlauskait), however, faces many different kinds of challenges.

2013, et al.

Due to the following reasons, each company is facing unique challenges in recruiting and planning different employees.

The company is experiencing increasing employee turnover due to the fact that employees feel they can explore other career opportunities. Nearly one quarter of the workforce in the company is planning to leave their job. This is a problem in the company (Sparrow Brewster & Chung 2016).

There is a greater demand for talent for specific job functions within the organization.

The high retirement rate in each organization is due to the ageing population. This is a major challenge for the HR department.

Because of the ageing population, the organization is facing many different challenges, such as additional services such as retirement benefits and healthcare benefits (Khalil Darwish, Singh, 2013).

The third factor is the fact that the wages in the whole competitive market are higher, which is increasing the cost of recruiting in the respective company. This is affecting the overall business of the organization.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, wages in different industries increased by 1.1%. This has also been affecting all markets.

The third problem is that the company has difficulty evaluating qualified applicants.

This is one challenge that the company faces and is also impacting the policies and procedures (Marchington et. al., 2016).

The Role Of Human Resources In Solving These Challenges

These are the challenges the organization is facing and they have an impact on the organization.

These are the various challenges that have an impact on the policies and procedures. This is also affecting customer satisfaction and the organization’s productivity (Chelladurai, Kerwin 2017).

These are also the types of challenges that can negatively impact the employee morale.

The HR department of the company must evaluate each option.

To reduce the challenges faced by the organization, the HR team needs to evaluate the various strategies. This will aid in finding the best candidates (Renwick Redman, Maguire, 2013,).

There are also HR planning issues in an organization. This is because of the ageing population. This will impact the entire process of recruiting and planning for the entire organization.

Automation of the application process in the organization will enable you to assess the quality of candidates via social job websites. This will also help in reducing the challenges within the respective organization (Kidron, et al. 2013,).

Bakers Delight: How to Overcome the Challenges

The company’s HR department is not performing as well as other companies within the same industry.

This is causing huge problems for the company. There is no correlation between the skills and applicants that are selected by the organization.

The HR department in each organization must properly analyze the diversity of its workforce, as well as develop and implement effective recruitment strategies to ensure that the company recruits the best talent (Budhwar & Debrah 2013).

A company should ensure the proper staffing to complete the tasks.

Employers must adopt the appropriate tools in order to perform proper recruitment and selection processes throughout the organization.

The HR department has the main task of following the company’s guidelines. This will ensure that the company is not liable for hiring (Sheehan et. al. 2014).

Human Resource departments must train and develop their employees to ensure that the organization can communicate effectively.

It is crucial to communicate effectively in order to keep employees motivated. They will be able perform better and reach different goals.

As this will allow for the development of new technical skills, the organization must accurately assess the demographic changes (Jackson, Schuler, & Jiang (2014)).

As the most important assets of a company, the talent of its human capital must be managed properly.

HRM is responsible to forecast the needs of the company. This will aid in retention of top talent.

High performance culture strategies are essential for nature. They help in identifying high-potential strategies in an organization.

HRM strategies can be used to plan different activities to foster the culture within the organization. This will also help motivate the employees (Brewster Brookes & Gollan (2015)).

Strategic planning is vital in any organization. It will contribute to the overall success of the company.

HRM strategies will aid in implementing different plans and will satisfy employees.

Good leadership is crucial in order to determine the success or failures of an entire company.

HR plays a key role in an organization. It will help to reduce employee turnover and will contribute towards the overall success of the entire organisation (Storey, 2014).

The proper strategy of the human resources is crucial in nature. It connects strategy of business and effort of human resource. This will help to build competitive organizations as well as ensure proper development for the whole organization (Brewster and al., 2016).

Bakers Delight Recruitment and Selection Strategies

The first is to understand the company’s advantages and then analyze the employee needs. This will allow you to make strategic decisions and improve the organization.

Second, strengthen your employer brand through content marketing. This will assist in analysing the employer/employee relationship to implement strategies that attract more potential employees to the organization.

Training and analyzing the skills of employees is important to achieve the organizational goals. It will also help to draw on the referrals from employees (Armstrong & Taylor (2014)).

Effective strategic implementation is vital in nature. This will help to find the right candidates and will help in understanding their requirements.

To improve training and development strategies, the company should analyze proper benefits. This will allow them to hire the best employees in the future.

Good HR planning is crucial in order to fully understand the needs of the organization.

This will allow the organization to achieve its goals and help the employees develop their potential.

Companies must conduct proper assessments in order to increase diversity and retention.

The increased demand for talent will also help to make job functions more effective.


This means that it is important to have proper HR strategies. These will allow you to identify the challenges and help plan the organization’s recruitment strategies.

Company has provided training and development that helped them understand and resolve the challenges.

Company has successfully implemented an automated system for tracking applications. This helped to reduce turnover.

The company has developed effective strategies for recruitment. They were able to better understand the needs and experience of candidates as well as the customers.

They had to adopt a candidate-centric approach in order to find the best candidates and succeed in the market.


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