BSBITU306 Design And Produce Business Documents

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There are three types of software that can be used in order to create business documents.

List at most three factors that will influence your decision about which software you use

Give a brief description of the features and functions of computer applications that can assist in designing business documents.

You should list at least three. This is one example.

Consider the organization requirements when creating and formatting a document layout. Provide at least four examples.

Explain why it’s important for businesses to keep style design elements in mind when creating these types documents.

What factors did you believe influenced the design? What specific details would you need in the brief to ensure that you meet the desired requirements of your document?

Are the design elements of this document consistent throughout? What impact does this have upon its readability (positive, negative).


Different types of software used to produce business documents

Software suite

Word Processing software

COBOL (Universal Compiler).

Three factors that influence which software is used to make a decision

The desired result from the software program

How the software can be used in the future

What software is required to layout the document and what formatting is required (Merriam, Tisdell (2015)

Brief description of some of the features and functions of computer applications that can help you design business documents

Functions include

Table formatting and headers/footers alternating


The spreadsheet packages include presentation and database packages as well as the spreadsheet packages.

Documents for business may also include

Statements of accounts and the client database as well as web pages

Companies use corporate branding elements to identify themselves in procedural documents.


Fonts (typography).

To keep track Inventory

Microsoft Access and Excel

To create a report with graphics and photographs

Microsoft Word, Power Point and Publisher

To preserve the records

Microsoft Word and Excel

Performance Criteria

You can test templates to get user and organizational feedback. Make any necessary modifications to ensure the highest quality presentation.



A hard-copy report must be reproduced 10x

A Printer

You will need to include a hard-copy photo in your e-newsletter

Writing a proposal is required and at least 50 copies must be made

A Computer

It is necessary to update and email an accountant a hard-copy account statement.

A scanner

To ensure that your organization’s marketing flyer is produced to the required standards, please include the following details:

Contact Information – If the customers aren’t able to find the company’s contact information, then any message that you put in a flyer about the business will be useless.

According to Pahl and Beitz (2013), the business flyer must include the business name, address, phone number, and website.

Social media connections-If a company uses social media to market their products, they should be taking advantage of the chance to make new friends.

Customers will know about it via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.

A bold headline-The headline should communicate the purpose of the business.

This is the first opportunity to get the attention of your readers.

Discounts and special offers: To inform customers of special discounts or promotions that encourage customers to use them (Barnett, et al., 2014).

A plan will help you create a timeline.

Next, it’s time to use the answers to the sections in the plan. Then one needs to decide if the company prefers this timeline to have a lot of text or images.

Then, sum up each of these points

Final step: The planning determines if the timeline is the sole focal point of the info graphic.

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This test may not run properly if you log on to the system using Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or Remote Desktop.

You might be asked to insert the Microsoft Office installation DVD while running the test.



You can edit documents marked as final by the editor.

Click the Mark as final command.

It is important to keep the naming methods of documents…

As this assists in the identification of and retrieval, documents can be saved consistently and easily.

This file management software is designed to help you manage files, folders, drives and other data.

Office 2010 has a find and replace function…

This is used to search and replace text, formatting or paragraph marks, as well as page breaks.

Data loss can occur when…

If a document isn’t saved correctly, frequently, or the computer program ceases to perform its intended function, it can be fatal.

To exit an application, you must

You should ensure you fully understand how you can save money before you leave the program.

What you do depends on…

Which computer software are you using? What type of business document is it? And what nature of the modification?

Always save your data before you exit the building.

Before closing the application, make sure that all screen are closed properly.

When editing scanned documents…

The scanner converted the file to TIFF format.

The file can be converted using Paint or any other program.

Design factors that influenced the document’s design

The cognitive capacity

The strategic thinking process

Design that encourages and allows certain user behaviors.

Your Purpose-This will guide you, provide a reference, and help you plan your details.

The Audience – Another important step towards making an impact is to get to know your audience.

Two definitions of style sets exist in Word today.

The term style sets can be used to refer to Quick Style Sets, which you can save using the Styles gallery. But it also refers to what it has always meant–designing styles within your document to work together.

It’s more harmful than beneficial to create a style that doesn’t consider how it will be used, or how it will interact and interact with other styles.

You can create or customize document styles together to make styles do their job (Trotschel, et al. 2015).

Lucy uses different business equipment to design the presentation.

Boards in white or black

Flip chart

Here are the different types of business applications Lucy used to design the presentation.

The Custom Show is integrated with the Sales force.


SlideDog (Kim, Mauborgne (2014)

Lucy applied consistent design principles to the presentation in order to meet the Company’s expectations.

The presentation software should not be placed on the main stage.

To ensure a logical flow in the presentation

To make the presentation understandable

Mark had not designed the document to appeal to the target audience. Mark then discovered that the directors did not know much about the new project. Mark therefore did not have the time or the resources necessary for a change.

Mark should clarify that:

The task was wholly for whom, whether it be for the directors or for the colleague

They should also clarify whether visual or text-based documents are being used (Rahman 2016).

Mark will be able to present the correct document to the appropriate audience, regardless of whether the design is for a colleague or director.

Name of the document

Type of document

Power point


William and Mary

How I selected and prepared these resources

Books and journals

How I designed this document

Through PPT

How I made this document

Through excel and PowerPoint

How I completed this document

Through resources

How did I save this document

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