ADED 380 Educational Technologies

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(What did you do when educational technology was at its best as a student, or as an instructor)

What principles should guide your approach to integrating technology in teaching and learning?

How can you anticipate the effective use of educational technologies?


A productive use of educational technologies within the educational environment can increase productivity and improve the teaching process.

It is crucial that school leaders ensure that teachers receive constant support in using technology in the classroom.

Education technology is the use of electronic and digital materials to support learning and teaching (Saettler & Saettler 2004, 2004).

While technology does not facilitate learning, it is the tutors who use these technologies that can make a significant impact on ensuring that the learning process is successful.

This paper will focus on when and how to use educational technology in an effective manner.

Technology is a treasure trove of information that can be used to create wealth for students.

It all depends on how a tutor uses educational technology in a classroom setting.

This means that tutors need to motivate learners when using educational technology.

They have the greatest responsibility to ensure that educational technology works through their own experience (Prensky & Heppell 2010, 2010).

The students will lose interest in learning from a tutor who has little knowledge of the educational technology.

It should be noted, however, that although educational technologies like computers can change the nature and content of teaching, it is only the tutors’ use of the educational technology to teach that makes it effective (Lowe, Holton, Elwood 2005).

With this knowledge, tutors should demonstrate competence in using educational technologies.

They must also be able to keep students updated on the purpose of educational technologies.

Wang and Braman (2009, p. 3) point out that learning is permanent when it occurs in a similar setting to real life.

Learners can learn if they use practical application and have experience.

Today, learning can be made more effective when a variety of activities and instructional processes are combined with real-world application. These are enhanced by the use educational technologies.

Educational technologies are flexible and can be modified at will to fit the changing needs of the learning process.

It is clear that educational technologies can stimulate learning by stimulating student’s curiosity and encouraging learning.

This is where students can be assisted in connecting new and old information. Students are also able compare their subject to real-life situations.

Students will be able evaluate the information required to meet society’s demands if educational technology is used in a way that is relevant to the situation.

If the class deals with racism, it’s crucial that the tutor uses the educational technologies like the projector to display videos.

Students will then be able describe the world the way they see it. The information will aid in comprehension and help to make the educational technologies more effective.


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