ITC542 Internetworking With TCP IP

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M2M Solutions’s Solutions Architect role involves leading a team consisting of several system administrators.

M2M solutions, a medium-sized organization, is currently expanding.

To accommodate the company’s various departments, six sites were purchased in Sydney.

Each building should have its own router to connect to the network.

It is expected that each building will have its subnet. Company expects approximately 1200 workstations to be available across all sites.

Finance Office – 261 workstations

Transport Office – 130 workstations

Research Office – 120 workstations

Sales Office – 40 workstations

Information technology – 522 workstations

Head Office – 60 workstations


b. Describe what will happen to your design if there are more hosts per network than 1 024.

At the moment, the company policy prohibits network analysts from being used on the organisational network.

A team meeting was recently held in which all staff agreed that network analysers could improve the efficiency of troubleshooting.

A report should be prepared for the board that proposes to allow network analyzers for diagnostic purposes in new network architectures.

Your report should contain:

Brief explanation of protocol in relation to communication networks and role of network analysts.

The Task 1 example should provide an example of how network analysers could be used.

A review of the available network analysis tools.

The analysis should contain the following:

Benefits, associated expenses, and ease of use

Recommendation by you as to which tool you would prefer to use, and why.


Design of the Network with Simple Addressing Solution

The network design is designed for M2M solutions. For the preparation of the network diagram, the requirements of the organization will be studied.

It is necessary to connect 1200 nodes and workstations in the network. The private address can be used for the entire network.

This requirement specifies the number of workstations that must be installed in each office and how the network solution will be created.

For communication with branches and offices, a central router is installed.

Each office has a router assigned to it. The switch connects the hosts.

The subnet is used to allocate hosts. To accommodate an IP address, it is necessary to calculate the range of the router and switch.

VLSM technique is used for the calculation. Some extra IP addresses are assigned so that the organization’s future growth can easily be handled.

Figure 1: A network solution proposed for the M2M solution

Source: Created by the author

It is important to understand the risks involved in the development of the network solution.

It is important to follow a good cabling plan in order to increase the speed of transmission and reduce congestion within the network.

To prevent intruders from accessing network resources, it is important to disable all unoccupied ports on switches.

In order to monitor and control traffic, a firewall is installed at both the entry point and exit point of the network (Vasilakos Zhang & Spyropoulos 2016,).

Each router has a subnet, and each router is set up with border gateway protocol. This allows them to communicate with each other.

The router must have an access control list to allow or deny network resources.

The static IP address is assigned to all nodes and workstations that are connected to the network. This ensures that employees can only use the official network. (Kulkarni&Agrawal, 2014).

To communicate between employees, servers must be installed. The network has the potential to expand in the future to meet increasing demands.

Strong network backbone is essential. Fiber optics cables are used to communicate with branches.

Simple Addressing Solution

For the accommodation of all the 1130 IP addresses required in various offices of an organization, the simple addressing solution was created.

For the optimal development of the network and increased efficiency, the routers should be configured according to this addressing solution.

Private IP Address:

Maximum number IP addresses that can be used in the network is 2046

Nominal IP address required for accommodation of Workstation: 1130

2036 IP addresses allocated to the network

Name of subnet

Allocated Size

Needed Size



Assignable Range


Head Office

To analyze the data packets, the network protocol analyser can be used. Log traffic can then be intercepted in order to determine the data flow within the network (Shojafar (2015)).

It is important to identify and correct any errors in the network so that the network can be developed efficiently.

To transfer data packets, default routes must be set up on routers.


Subnets are required to be updated in routers in order to apply the change.

The subnets are created to accommodate 1024 hosts.

Multiple subnets can be created for the network. There are several methods to add the host.

A few IP bits are saved in reserve. The host formula is used for calculating new subnets and accommodating the increased number hosts in the network.

The result of the calculations is shown below.

Finance Office


Mask /22

Dec Mask

Assignable range

Transport Office

Mask /22

Dec Mask

Assignable range to

Research Office


Mask /22

Dec Mask

Assignable range – Address

Mask /22

Dec Mask

Assignable range –

Information Technology


Mask /22

Dec Mask

Assignable range -

Head Office


Mask /22

Dec Mask

Assignable range –

Protocols in the Communication Network and Role Of Network Analyzer Tool

FTP, HTTP, and SMTP are required protocol requirements for the network.

HTTP is the hypertext transfer protocol. SMTP, FTP and SMTP are the simple mail transfer protocols. FTP is for file transfer.

The HTTP protocol would enable the system to reach the web association, and the framework would be able go on the internet.

FTP protocol will allow frameworks to share records within the system (Edwards & Bramante (2015)).

The SMTP protocol would allow the systems to communicate between themselves effectively.

A second benefit is that the communication between staff members would be highly productive. They would be able exchange messages.

M2M Solutions is an organization that is small to medium in size and is looking for ways to grow.

Their company needs to rebuild its network structure.

I was given the task of designing a network.

Although network analyzers are highly productive, organization strategies don’t mention the use of them in their systems.

A network analyzer will also allow the organization to detect any flaws in the system.

Below is data on the protocols that are used in the system.

The network analyzer provides many types of services for the network.

The main functions of the Network Analyzer are:

The network analyzer does a great job of monitoring the network and performing a thorough analysis.

Network analyzers play the role of security systems for networks.


The wireshark tool for network analysis can be used by different networks in various formats.

It acts as a network analyst for the network.

They can also be used for monitoring the network.

They are responsible for analysing the data and files flowing through the network.

The analyzer tool is responsible for tracing packets (Clavel, et al. 2015).

Wireshark can be used as system analyzer too. The item is highly popular and has a high market share.


Network analyzer protocol can be very useful for your network.

This device also assists in the inspection of the system and monitors the frameworks.

The frameworks are secured to the outer gatecrashers.

It supports a variety of protocols including the IP, BitTorrent and AppleTalk.

Each refresh also includes a convention to make the application more efficient.

The network analyzer supports around eight hundred fifty protocols.

Wireshark Network Analyzer is a tool that’s free to use, and therefore does not incur any additional costs for companies.

The implementation costs of the system are almost negligible.

The cost to include the analyzer in the system framework was extremely small.

Therefore, the associated cost for the analyzer can be almost zero.

The basic requirements of the system for its use are 60MB space on the hard disk and a processor running at about 400 Mhz.

It is also recommended to use the Network Interface Control.

Recommendations And Preferences For Using The Tool

As a recommendation, it could be said that:

Understanding data: A network user should be able understand both the type of data as well as the flow of data across the network.

This will enable you to better manage the network analyzer.

Understanding configurations: It is important that the user can understand and use all aspects of the network’s configurations.

It is possible to say that the chosen network analyzer was used for the design of the network layout.

This task 2 contains information about the network analyser.

M2M Solutions is a small company looking to expand.

This company needs to rebuild their network structure.

My task was to implement a network plan.

Although network analyzers are highly productive for organizations, they are not included in the company’s organizational strategies.

The staff is keen to emphasize the importance of network analyzers to their company.

This report gives you all the necessary information.

Integration of a brand new standard: A network simulator based on IEC 61885 architectures for substations.

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