INFT 5020 Enterprise Architectures

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The following tasks should be completed with reference to ArchiFarm.

Create a target ArchiFarm architecture.

Establish a target ArchiFarm architecture.

You must ensure that the roadmap is consistent with business continuity.

Make a presentation that demonstrates the gap analysis as well as transition recommendations.

The class must complete the presentation within the time allocated in Week 12/13.

You should limit the presentation to 10 slides.

Practice is recommended for presenting.

Give a brief summary of the contributions that each student made to this assignment.

The summary should not exceed 1 paragraph per student.

Please contact the Course Coordinator with any concerns regarding adding this summary to your submission.


ArchiFarm is an Australian dairy producer.

It has three locations. The first is located in rural Victoria. The second is NSW.

Management of production risk can decrease the productivity and profit of the farming process.

Inefficient monitoring of cow health can result in a reduction in productivity.

PLF technologies were introduced by companies to improve productivity.

Automated milking systems are used to measure the amount of milk that is obtained from the cows.

Every site stores health records for each animal as a document on a file server.

At the Dairy Farm, there are three departments.

Production and Management department Control station department Production and Management Department Monitorisation of feeding and cow’s health. Separation of milk and production of each animal.

Administration department Farm workers, site manager and feed providers.

Control station department Quantity of milk exported, distributors, and transfer the milk to another place.

Separate departments are available to improve milk productivity and monitor animal health.

Stock management service – Storing the stock milk.

Healthy food and feed service – Assesses the animal’s nutrition, health and well-being.

Infection & Prevention – Provides information about how to treat and prevent diseases.

Producers of milk and cleanness – Provide all information about milk, such as fat, protein, etc.

Maintenance department- Responsible for maintaining the whole process.

Gap Analysis

It is done to achieve the target architecture.

Communication between the dairy farm, the consumer and the farmer is not perfect.

Farm productivity suffers because of the absence of technology.

Because of the delay in identifying the animal, diseases spread quickly from one animal to another.

The number of animals as well as the quantity of milk produced are also affected.

There are many problems at the Farm because of poor record keeping.

A separate department is required for food preparation.

Transition Recommendations

Monitor the entire process of Farm and cow performance to ensure a perfect dairy farm.

Give each animal the right environment and comfort.

The Fecal should be measured regularly.

You should check the dairy efficiency on a regular basis.

You must provide enough food.

Check the pH level of the urine every so often.

Keep all information about animals in the MIS (Management Information System).

You should designate a separate department for each process. Make sure you have enough staff for this department.

The new technology can be used for everything, including identifying diseases, checking the milk quality, and storing information.

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