IND301A Industry Consulting Project

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The Journal should have 5 entries. They should demonstrate professionalism in data and information collection and knowledge management.

Provide a series of well-organized and pertinent journal entries, describing the results of individual research into a company.

Outlining the student’s field and conducting desk-top research to determine the type, operation, and function of the organisation.

A description of research methods in an organisation, and the results of that research using insights and conclusions.

Provide a list of suggestions for improvements or changes in the organisation’s methods of working.

Weekly research results are combined to support the creation of a Project Report.


Starbucks began its business in 1971 with a Seattle store selling coffee, tea, and spices.

Starbucks has grown its business to include more than 24000 retail stores and 70 countries.

It is a food retail company.

The company strives to be a leader in the food retail industry by adhering to ethical standards.

The company treats its partners with dignity and respect.

It is used as a meeting place for friends and neighbors.

You can purchase a wide range of outstanding products in the store or online.

It has more than 30 single origin and blended coffees.

Starbucks Corporation, 2017) The company is committed to the environment. It takes care of the planet with its energy conservation, water conservation, green construction, recycling and other environmental initiatives.

The company is committed to creating healthy communities.

Starbucks is classified as a Divisional Structure because it is divided by the location and brand.

Geographic divisions include the Americas (US Canada and Latin America), Europe and Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and China (EMEA), and all other segments.

Brand-based Divisions: Each brand is a division that is managed by the division head.

Coffee, beverages non-alcoholic, food

French pastries and breads

Nutrition juices and foods

Teas, herbs roots and spices

The new structure was unveiled on December 1, 2016 to enhance the President and Chief Executive Officer roles and responsibilities.

The new structure has been in place since April 3, 2017.

Below is the Starbucks new organizational structure.

The new structure included 35 senior vice presidents and 12 executive Vice Presidents.

It is a tall structure which represents high hierarchical (Dudovskiy 2017).

De-layering is planned to allow coffee retailers more flexibility in adapting to changes on the global market.

To examine the relationship between the culture diversity and employee performance in Starbucks Worldwide, I am considered a consultant.

Refer to

(2017 April 14).

Starbucks organization structure: A tall and divided.

Starbucks Corporation.

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