ICT301 Network Management And Security

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STP limited were cabinet makers in Wollongong for many years. The factory they own is still their headquarters.

STP recently purchased rival operations as well as premises in Bathurst, Lithgow, and Bathurst.

They opened a Sydney store, and they intend to open more.

The company has a modern computerized manufacturing facility in Sydney that produces drawer and cupboard fronts.

You can choose from three different styles of cupboard or drawer fronts.

STP is looking for a new information systems manager. They are currently working on their first project. They are concerned about their business continuity and the ability to protect information from clients and other organisations.

STP has a strategy to support their business growth and empower their employees to surpass their sales goals. However, most people within the company have limited technical skills.

STP’s owner wants to ensure that the information systems are more integrated in order to allow for real-time reporting.

STP’s owner is concerned that he has spent a lot of money on the equipment and systems. He wants to protect this investment.

The owner asked you to prepare an explanation. He has very limited technical knowledge and is eager to see how his new systems work together.

This assignment is crucial to your success. It is important you only discuss the networking project, and not the management or security of networks in general.

These issues should be addressed in this report. The main body should include the following sections.

You must adhere to the standard report structure.

Project Background, which includes the following subsections

Project Background

How will this project support future growth of STP?

Project scope

The project goal

Project alignment strategy

You should plan to purchase hardware.

Business continuity




Background Project Background Network Background STP limited, a well-known cabinet manufacturer, has four factories in different locations, Sydney, Wollongong, Lithgow, and Lithgow. They are suppliers of front drawers and cupboards to a large variety of customers from all over the world.

STP limited decided to upgrade their current information system at their location. They also plan to carry out various business activs that will improve stock control and accounting.

They are also planning to upgrade their information system for better customer management as well as website management.

The report mainly discusses the implementation of an information system and its role in maintaining security and privacy of the system.

An extensive investigation has been conducted and the various parameters of this project, such as scope, requirements, expectations, have been briefly discussed.

There were several problems identified, including poor skilled labor and inefficient stock control. Also, there was a shortage of workforce, product manufacturing, productivity, and workforce.

To meet the diverse business needs, there has been a limited number of technical staff.

STP’s staff is limited in their technical skills and can therefore meet the requirements of all businesses.

Project Enhancing Future Growth Of STP: Project scope The scope of this project is generally to install and configure a database at four locations. These are Sydney, Wollongong and Lithgow.

Internet connection through ASDL, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line. This was connected with modems. Switch comprises of wireless technology. This will allow staff to establish connection using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The project was developed keeping in mind the fact that it works in all four locations.

The project also highlights certain pans that will assist employees in gaining a solid understanding of business operation.

There is currently only one tech staff. Part technology focuses on different web services and websites.

The Project Goal consists of various management tools and staff that are STP limited. This is to allow the company to set up different business activities, and make it easier for customers and clients.

The project’s ultimate goal is to provide technical staff for the organization. It also focuses on increasing production of clients and customers based applications.

It also includes the establishment of relationships between the organization and various clients. This is done through the adaptation to CRM system as well as upgradation of website to support products.

Strategic Alignment Of Project. There are risks as well as benefits associated with the implementation of new technology in an organization.

Management must evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of the project, as well as the threats.

My job as IT system manager for STP is to do a SWOT analysis on different processes and to find out the benefits this IT system has brought to STP.

One of the plus points about IT systems is their large customer base. Cloud computing can also help them. And, many employees are willing to learn.

The downside is that employees lack technical skills and there are many threats from within.

Securing Data STP Limited has a network security system that provides some benefits.

There are two types of strategies that can be used to manage an IT system: internal and external.

An internal layer must be applied to all layers, which include regulations, policies, people, and products.

People, Products Policies and Procedures. The IT system for STP limited is primarily dependent on the internet to monitor different strategies, policies, procedures, which will eventually aid them in running various operations of business.

The security rules aim to make business operations safe and secure.

These policies can help with data storage and retrieval.

ISP Security And Privacy Consideration ISP limited is dependent on the Internet to carry out different business activities. A WAN can benefit them by providing better and safer services from malware, viruses, and other threats.

Big Pond Network is able to monitor the security of the network and can adapt new security features that can help overcome security breaches.

ISPs can make it easier to use the payment system in a more efficient way.

Wireless Local Area Network Wireless security: Mobile Device Security Wireless networking can be dangerous because staff connect different devices such as laptops via wireless technology.

The weak network technology can be exploited by intruders to hack into the database and gain access to it.

WLAN attacks can be easily routed with proper configuration and training programs for employees.

BYOD Risk. BYOD risks can be useful in improving various financial risk. Additionally, users can use multiple devices which can make it easier to disclose important information.

The association of various malware activities to software and the Operating system is another problem.

BYOD must not be misused in a way that compromises the operating system.

Plan For Hardware Purchase: Acquisition New Hardware STP Limited has many options and the ability to analyze. It can be used in various strategies, procedure, and policies.

This infrastructure will allow staff to overcome product related problems and reduce disruption.

Software for End-User Feedback and Review is constantly improving. It is being updated on a daily basis.

The most recent software can adapt to the hardware of an organization. Security breaches can result from other sites that are not trusted and verified (Ciampa (2012)).

Files running in the background are vulnerable.

To achieve the best results, multiple antivirus software must be installed. The latest hardware should also be used.

With the help of management, end users must evaluate risk and make informed decisions.

STP Limited Purchasing Strategies require forward planning. It must also store money for hardware purchases.

All members of an organisation must communicate with each other and devise a strategy for improving their business.

They need to be able recognize the different suppliers and have a good understanding of the business’s needs via asset register.

Asset Register IT asset is useful for IT services as also for accountants. It can help to check the hardware that is essential for replacement in order to improve a company’s performance.

You must replace your hardware with one that is easily identifiable and can identify you.

It is important to carefully review the IT asset registry and STP limit in order to select the correct hardware.

Through the configuration and installation of various cloud applications such as MYOB and salesforce, business continuity IT can be a useful tool for achieving many activities that will ultimately benefit their business.

STP limited will be discussing two important topics, data backup and planning succession. These topics will allow them to have a better understanding about various cloud applications which can ultimately improve their business growth.

Data Backup STP limited decided to use cloud-based SaaS applications which can be useful for organizing the storage of various files as backups.

This company uses cloud backups to meet their specific needs, which has allowed them to gain a competitive advantage.

They can store files on cloud technology and they can also modify files.

They can store and modify data in the cloud.

It will save money and make it easier to buy servers to store files as backups. The risk of viruses attacks is also reduced by cloud vendor technology.

Physical Security Cloud-based technology may be able to solve many of the issues and challenges that surround physical security.

This includes network and road failures as well as power outages.

Cloud vendors can store valuable data so that organizations are not faced with any issues. The data will also be safe even if they get damaged.

Cloud technology protects it from outside threats.

Successful Planning Anyone can be hurt or suffer from severe illness. Employees can resign or even die.

No matter what the consequence, the company must be ready to face the simple consequences.

It is essential that a successor be able to perform the job.

A suitable successor should have the knowledge and skills to assess the needs of different businesses.

They must be ready to take corrective action that can lead to a successful decision.

The Stock Control System Website must be made so that customers can easily see the products.

Cupboards, drawer faces with various textures and colors must be used. The data must be stored on the cloud so it is easily modified according to the customer’s needs.

You must always be able to check the availability of stock.

The product must be ordered immediately and inserted in the database. This allows employees at all four factories to easily track the availability of different products.

Risk Management. The use of different technologies can be beneficial in reducing threats, risk, and privacy concerns.

STP should be flexible enough to allow for growth.

Security Policies Security policies can be useful in helping to grow a business.

These policies are a tool that can help an organization secure business operations.

Training and Awareness Risk model should analyze these three elements which could be helpful in improving efficiency of STP limited.

The risk model can be useful in identifying and detecting various risk.

It is important to use risk prevention technique in order to eliminate all associated risks within an organization.

STP employees should be adequately trained to manage threat and other data breaches more efficiently.

Integration Technology Integration technology can help in serving this purpose through SaaS model or PaaS model. Better plus points can also be achieved.

PaaS refers to independent software vendors who have the ability to create and execute software applications.

However, there are still security issues, data breaches and interoperability issues. To obtain the best services, employees and management must agree to a service-level agreement.

It is clear from the above discussion that security control measures are possible to help adopt information system in STP restricted.

In the report, there were many security flaws. The risk of wireless LAN and other BYOD devices was briefly discussed.

In order to avoid security breaches, there are three options.

STP limited will benefit from this report to determine the best ways to improve the business.

Recommendation STP restricted should follow policies and procedures to ensure that they are able to carry out different business processes.

STP limited should have a secure network in place to manage their business. A back up file must be kept that contains customer and financial information.

This organization should train its employees so they can offer better services. Training can also be helpful in identifying potential threats.

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