FMCS3110 Social Media And Network Culture

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1.Examine the effectiveness of the learning experience and evaluate your utility

How do you feel about the learning experience?

What’s the value of this experience

2.Explain why this learning process is beneficial to you

How can this learning experience help you:



Future career

Life is all about living

How will you transfer and apply your knowledge and insights into the future?

3. Describe objectively what has happened during the learning process

What have you done, read, seen, and heard?

4.Examine what you’ve learned

How Business Research helped you in your Research Learning Process

6.Explain How you will use this knowledge



Social networking has been a blessing in this age of fast-paced technology.

Social networking has been a major factor in today’s communication and technology (Jussila Karkkainen & Aramo Immonen, 2014).

My research proposal and literature review on the benefits and disadvantages social networking have been very useful in my quest to understand and learn more about the world.

Research: Opinions and Value

My entire world view has been transformed by the literature review, and the research proposal.

It has taught me a lot about the role of social networking websites in business, productivity, distribution and also freed me from traditional thinking and opinions.

I have gained a greater understanding of the world order and global economy through social networking.

The benefits of social networking sites far outweigh the drawbacks.

The social networking applications and sites have created an external communication channel between business organizations and customers over the past decade. They also serve as a bridge between cultures, societies and languages.

It is well known that social media has become an important part of the work process for business organisations. This knowledge will prove to be very useful in the long-term.

Nearly all major businesses are involved in social media.

Online sales, customer communication, client connectivity, and presenting company information to customers have all been made possible by social networking applications.

Additionally, social media marketing and social media networking have become an important tool for companies.

This research is a great resource for my future.

Utility of Assignments

This learning process will prove to be very useful in future work and assignments at different levels.

This research will have a positive impact on many aspects of your future career, education, and personal life.

Course: I will be able to better understand marketing and its aspects by learning more about the pros and cons of social networking sites.

It has given me a better understanding of the cost-effectiveness of social networking sites and established a relationship between the customer and the company. I also learned about the increasing popularity of online sales, which have a higher reach than an offline sale.

These ideas have helped me to see business marketing from a different perspective.

Program: I found the journey of working on my first two assignments to be enriching.

Today’s business world is very aware of the importance of social media and its unimpeded progress.

This knowledge will improve my activities and my performance in this program.

Future career: In today’s consumer-related businesses, social media specialists are a very common title.

The knowledge I’ve gained through my research will prove to be a valuable asset in my career.

Life: Since around a decade ago social media has become a major part of our lives.

Social media has had a huge impact on everyday life.

Research has shown that social media has its drawbacks.

This will make me more aware of the security risks and time-consuming factor of social media.

Numerous business companies have made the appointment of social media professionals a top priority.

Every business wants to improve their social media communications in order to reach potential customers and convince them to buy the products.

This knowledge and research will help me as a freelancer and in finding job opportunities.

Events of The Learning Process

The purpose of the research was to examine the role played by social media in modern day business and personal life.

The literature review was based completely on the available online materials.

It was a great experience and a productive learning process for the future.

The use of social media was a subject that generated some surprising statistics.

India is one example of a developing nation that tops the social media user charts.

According to a website data, 52 percent of Indian businesses use social media for communication with their customers (Aral Dellarocas & Godes 2013).

These social networking tools are used primarily to attract new clients.

These social media platforms and websites are used by business companies to manage the options and increase sales.

Facebook has the largest number of users anywhere in the world.

More than 1.6 million people use the social networking site.

Unilever, Amazon, and Alibaba have used this platform to improve their connections with customers (Jussila Karkkainen & Aramo Immonen 2014).

Business corporations have played a major role in sponsoring Facebook pages.

Advertising on social media platforms has become distinctive because of the direct ads in customer profiles pages and home pages.

Twitter is another website that has a similar user base to Facebook, but it is equally popular for customer and marketing connectivity.

The 140 character limit allows you to connect with people in a short time. It’s also very useful for business purposes.

Multinational Companies and smaller vendors frequently use Twitter for customer networking, service and business networking.

Linked In is another social media platform. It is limited to professional activities, such as job opportunities and the enhancement of professional connectivity.

In the past two to three years, Linked In has seen an increase in users.

However, Linked In has been a safe place to find job opportunities and professional connections.

In my research, I also discovered that YouTube is a key stakeholder in the growth of the global business.

YouTube, a video sharing platform, has been a major business opportunity for freelancers and young filmmakers. The site also served as a hub for publicity and advertising for all major corporations.

In order to open up new business opportunities, there are many other websites, such as Instagram and Snapchat, WhatsApp, Vine, Vine, WhatsApp, Vine, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Vine, and others.

My research materials also include other facts that are related to the negative aspects of social media.

Social media is a huge phenomenon that has dominated human psychology at both personal and professional levels.

Most business corporations do not understand the limitations of social media and its impact on business.

Companies often find it difficult to manage these platforms because they can take a lot of their time.

The social media platforms allow customers to communicate with one another, but it is not possible for customers to monitor their feedback.

Social media has a major problem: privacy.

My research also highlights the benefits of social media platforms in terms online product sales and customer connectivity.

Advertising is an expensive business activity.

Advertising has become a major factor in increasing sales.

This was evident in my research.


Social media is a valuable tool for today’s world. However, it does have its disadvantages and advantages.

There are many drawbacks to social media platforms, including privacy, security and excessive time consumption.

However, it can increase communication and marketing opportunities by a great deal.

It is clear that social media has many benefits, which have outweighed its disadvantages. This makes it a vital tool for any type of business.

My business research has given me a perspective to understand the role of social media in countries around the world and how it is changing the business landscape.

The aggregation of such connectivity will only improve the distribution prospects for global business giants.

My business research journey was an experience that allowed me to learn all about the features and uses of social media platforms.

The business research helped me understand the process of research.

I learnt more about the process as I read and understood more of the research work.

Learning Process

Insights – I discovered some amazing insights in my research about the social media development in third world countries.

India and Mexico are doing well in the digitalization process and increasing social media reach.

Feelings: Social media has helped me to understand international marketing and business.

It has helped me see the importance of networking and administration.

Hypothesis: Today’s business world is based on marketing and advertising of products or services. The most effective way to reach people is through social media.

Conclusion: I chose this topic because of its importance in today’s business world.

Social media is a key phenomenon for business in the Post Ford era.

It was essential for me, as a student, to understand such an important tool of current business.

The research I did will prove to be a valuable asset in my professional and personal life.

This research journey has helped me to see the world in a new way and given me a solid perspective on business, marketing, social media.

Through the learning process, the program, and the research material, I have grown as a commentator on social media and its effect on our society.

My career possibilities will increase with the knowledge I have gained about social media.

Perhaps this knowledge will make me more eligible to be a Social Media Expert for prominent corporations.


I have gained a lot of knowledge from my research on the role of social media in business.

While the disadvantages have raised concerns and alerted me, I am now eager to learn more about the benefits.

The huge potential of social media can be a major boost to the growth and development of the global economy.

This phenomenon is unparalleled in comparison to other ideas of recent years.


Introduction to the special Issue: Social media and Business Transformation: A Framework for Research.

Information Systems Research 24(1), 3-13.

Social media use in business-to-business relations of technology industry companies.

Computers and Human Behavior, 30, 606-613.

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