EDUC9706 Visualising Language Learning

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This article’s key points are those that define whole segments and the foundation of the article.

It covers Audio cassettes, Video, and Audio quality issues. Also, it explains why the video should be included in the syllabus.

To provide better listening skills, the instructors use the materials to create a better syllabus.

Students have responded well to this method of learning, and the survey results showed that they were very happy with the results.

They are now more keen to learn from video designs with better audio quality.

Audio cassettes tend to have poor sound quality which can slow down the learning process.

It was suggested that video designs assessments be included in the syllabus. This will prove to be beneficial long-term.

Learning will be more enjoyable and subtle if there are better materials. It will also make it easier for language students to understand the instructions as they are all in English and easily accessible from the college campus.

The following question was raised:

How to use Video designs for the improvement of the syllabus. How to preserve the quality that has been standard.


We will be discussing video designs in this article. They explain how using video for listening obligation could act as a substantial strategy for developing syllabus.

Surveys were done at Tokyo institute, and the results show that students are enthusiastic about video designs.

This data must be used to allow video to be introduced in listening assessment as well.

Also, we found that the students preferred to listen to video when taking video assessments.

We also found out that this type research was conducted at Japan vocational studies institution, where English grammar and translation are taught.

After conducting the necessary research, we discovered that video designs can be used to outline a course syllabus.

These testing programs can be used for instructional materials. We have also argued that education and testing for cordiality should be mastered.

We also created the premium example where assignments will be made for the coursebook. This unit, which is actually a whole unit devoted to movies, features techniques in recognizing motion-picture classes, retelling their plot and subject, as well as discussing likes or disdains.

The generated results are checked for difficulty and sound quality. Do the written instructions make it clear? Video designs are more user-friendly than cassette tapes.

Further research and a decision have shown that video designs can be understood better.

These video materials should be used in an extensive way. They will be included in the curriculum and maintained the quality of education and study material.

Students can benefit from the vast library of videos that are specifically designed to meet any student’s difficulty level.

The entire unit will be explained in a way that students can easily grasp the concepts.

The human tendency is to grasp concepts more easily if they are illustrated via video.

We conclude that video designs with clear sound quality are the best way for students to learn anything.

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