Societal values.

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Philosophy is what we perceive it to be since it incorporates the study of reality in our environments. While engaging in philosophy, cultural assumptions include communication and societal values. These assumptions regard all ethnic groups to have similar communication patterns and similar values. Besides, a comparison of Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics and Confucius’ analects reflects similarities. Both uphold morality and present virtues as a source of happiness. From their arguments, it is evident that good morals contribute to self and societal development (Eno 2). The inculcation of values occurs during a person’s tender age, as discussed by the two philosophers. Like the Nicomachean ethics, the analects also view virtues as a mean between two extremes (Eno 17). Also, they uphold habits as the primary contributors to a person’s virtues. However, their views also have discrepancies in presenting of the guiding principle. Aristotle presents his views as an ethical theory, while Confucius connects ethics with his personal and traditional setup.

Second post for first student(F):

Philosophy is not always what we think it is. There are many cultural assumptions that are made when dealing with philosophy such as culture shock. For example, if we meet someone from another country and they also speak English, we may make the assumption that they have the same ideals and values as we do in America. When I first started looking into Confucius I assumed that in their culture they engaged in pray at certain times during the day and they had very strict rules. I found out that this assumption was not correct. After reading more I found that they believe in control and virtue. They have beliefs that people are born either good or bad and if the government can show good role models even the bad could take note of good behavior. Aristotle links the ideas of virtue and happiness as one. However, Confucius and his teachings suggest that for one to be happy it takes more than virtues. This is one similarity that shows how Aristotle and Confucius both use the ideas of happiness and virtue.

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