522-policy: Week 2: Pre TANIC Self-Assessment and Reflection Post

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The self-assessment is completed using the TIGER-based  Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies  (TANIC) tool. TIGER refers to the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform Initiative which identified a list of the minimum informatics competencies for all nurses and students graduating from pre- and post-licensure programs.  The  graded self-evaluation of your informatics competencies is required in order to increase one’s own u nderstanding  of competencies in nursing informatics which will enable  the planning of strategies to  enhance knowledge and skills.  

Activity Learning Outcomes 

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:  

  1. Apply knowledge of nursing informatics and non-nursing science (CO 1 and  2) 
  2. Assess nursing informatics competencies (CO2)  
  3. Evaluate progress in enhancing nursing informatics competencies (CO4) 
  4. Foster professional and personal development with planning strategies to enhance these competencies  (CO4)  
  5. Examine ethical decision making in relation to these competencies (CO3) 

Due Date:  

This assignment is due no later than the Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 2.   

Total Points Possible:  75 


  1. In order to prepare for this assignment, read the lessons as well as the assigned readings BEFORE attempting the self-assessment. 
  2. Please use the following hyperlink to access and complete the survey: Week 2 Pre-TANIC Self-Assessment Survey(Links to an external site.)
  4. After completing the survey, navigate to the Week 2 Module in Canvas and respond to EACH of the question s for your Reflection Post.    
  5. The Reflection Posts DOES NOT require cross-posting to a peer or faculty .  
  6. Scholarly sources: Only scholarly sources are acceptable for citation and reference in this course. These include peer reviewed publications, government reports, or sources written by a professional or scholar in the field. Your textbook and lesson are not considered to be an outside scholarly source. For the discussions and reflection posts, reputable internet sources such as websites by government agencies (URL ends in .gov) and respected organizations (often ends in .org) can be counted as scholarly sources. The best outside scholarly source to use is a peer-reviewed nursing journal.  You are encouraged to use the Chamberlain library and search one of the available data bases for a peer-reviewed journal article.  The following sources should not be used: Wikipedia, Wikis, or blogs.  These web  sites are not considered scholarly as anyone can add to these. Please be aware that .com websites can vary in scholarship and quality.  For example, the American Heart Association is a .com site with scholarship and quality.  It is the responsibility of the student to determine the scholarship and quality of any .com site.  Ask your instructor before using any site if you are unsure. Points will be deducted from the rubric if the site does not demonstrate scholarship or quality. Current outside scholarly sources must be published with the last 5 years.  Instructor permission must be obtained BEFORE the assignment is due if using a source that is older than 5 years.  

ATTENTION: Students will not receive results following completion of this survey. For the reflection questions, please recall how you rated your proficiency/competency with the skills on the survey.

*IMPORTANT* Upon completing the TANIC self-assessment survey, please TAKE A SCREENSHOT of the last page of the survey using a program such as Snipping Tool and save as a PDF or JPG and for your records. If you are unable to take a screenshot, please inform your faculty.

Reflection Questions: 

Reflect upon your current or most recent clinical practice and answer the following:  

  1. How is informatics used? 
  2. Regarding the Pre-TANIC Self-Assessment for this week, how did your perceived competency level prior to the self-assessment compared to after the self-assessment? Explain in detail.  
  3. What TWOcompetencies do you use in your current clinical role? Provide examples.  
  4. Identify TWO resources to develop a strategic plan to enhance your competency skills.   
  5. Which resources are suited to your needs and why?  
  6. How do you intend to enact this improvement plan? 
Category Points % Description 
Application of Course Knowledge   40 53 This category is evaluated on the quality of the student’s ability to: Accurately describe how informatics is used ;  Compare their competency results to that of the assessment; describe at least 2 competencies that are used in the student’s current clinical role ; identify a strategic plan to enhance the student’s competency ; identify at least 2 resources suited to the student’s needs and describe why ; and describe how the intended plan will be enacted.  
Scholarliness and Scholarly Resources   20 27 This category is evaluated on the quality of the student’s ability to: Support writing with appropriate, scholarly sources ; provide relevant evidence of scholarly inquiry clearly stating how the evidence informed or changed professional or academic decisions; evaluate literature resources to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis ; use sources published within the last 5 years; match reference list and in-text citations match , and minimize or appropriately  format direct quotations.  
 60  Total CONTENT Points=60 pts 
Category Points % Description 
Grammar, Spelling, Syntax, Mechanics and APA Format 15 20 Reflection post has minimal grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation  and * APA errors. Direct quotes (if used) is limited to 1 short statement** which adds substantively to the post.  * APA style references and in text citations are required; however, there are no deductions for errors in indentation or spacing of references. All elements of the reference otherwise must be included.  **Direct quote should not to exceed 15 words & must  add substantively to the discussion.   
 15   Total FORMAT Points= 15pts 
 75 100% ASSIGNMENT TOTAL= 75pts 

Manage Discussion

This is a graded discussion: 75 points possible

due Sep 11

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