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Policy Drafting Exercise: Internet of Things (IoT) In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission held a workshop and issued a report concerning the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2014, Forbes provided a good primer on the subject. Technology and risks have progressed since then. We now benefit from and are threatened by the growing number of devices we use that communicate via the internet. For example, we can manage our utilities or avoid traffic because of shared data. But, there also have been several major system outages that were facilitated by the exploitation of IoT devices. There are some nascent solutions emerging to improve the security of the IoT. The federal government is exploring ways to improve that security. Here is an article addressing potential government actions. http://www.csoonline.com/article/3154852/internet-of-things/cangovernment-really-fix-the-iot-mess.html This assignment provides you the opportunity to think about the future. You need to consider where technology is leading us and devise a policy approach to better manage that IoT future. Think about who can issue the needed policy and how it can be enforced. There are two important environments that are already absorbing IoT devices. These are the home and the automobile. Choose one for your paper. Develop a paper that describes the future of your chosen environment. How are IoT devices involved? What benefits do they provide? But, the IoT devices also present some problems. You are to identify benefits and challenges presented by the IoT and analyze where the environment is headed (near future). Then you are to develop a policy and/or a set of policy principles that are designed to better control the IoT and improve that environment. You also should consider who could issue and enforce such a policy and explain your choice. The paper will be 9 – 12 pages in length, double-spaced. Criteria:Substantive Merit – Framing the Discussion (15%)Substantive Merit – Exploration and Analysis (30%)Substantive Merit – Recommendations/Proposed Solution (20%)Substantive Merit: Quality of documented support (10%)Writing Style: Organization (10%)Grammar/Usage: Writing Quality (10%)Grammar/Usage: Proper APA Format (5%)Please see attachmentPurchase the answer to view it
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